Coordinators Meeting Minutes 1/4/2012

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January 4, 2012

Co-ordinators’ Meeting, 10:00 am

60 Wall Street Atrium


Press: We need to be getting more press. Let them know if you’re having events.

Library: We’re going to the American Library Association conference in Dallas this month & we’ll be suing NYC/Bloomberg (upsparkles)

Organization: SIS move. Due to concerns about losing the space and damaging relationship with UFT, Comfort has been moved out to a location in Brooklyn. The move will be completed today. Archives, Library and Screenprinting storage will remain in the space. CQ: is this a secret location? A: No. it’s storage. We’re moving toward an online order placing/delivery system. Comfort WG is being re-formed.

DA: Occu-tour will be a 4-5 week voyage with 30+ individuals from Media, DA, Facilitation, Movement Building, and other working groups traveling to Boston, Albany, around the Hudson Valley, Pittsburgh, Philly, and other locations providing skillshares, joint DA’s. We will spend about 7 days in each location. We have a proposal asking for $15,000 that hasn’t gone before the GA yet. We already have a bus. The tour will begin at the end of January/beginning of February.

DA is having breakout groups re: May 1st actions, J17 come to a meeting at 5:30 at 60 Wall.

OWSworks (formerly known as Volunteer Services). Name change. We conduct outward facing volunteer services as well as with Occupiers who need projects.

Tech: none

Accounting: New intake and record-keeping system. everything is now triple-checked. online and paper. there are outstanding receipts everywhere. As per GA & Spokes: no receipts no money. you owe the movement money. Accounting is trying to raise money for a financial audit. you can check online at or in the office on WG expenditures. Everyone’s got a week from next Saturday to get it together before money is cut off.

Josh from Occupy Poughkeepsie/New Paltz: Poughkeepsie was evicted, but New Paltz is up and running with electricity and mayoral support. come visit! Planning a February 4th event in Hyde Park: New New Deal. We’re revising the New Deal.



Spokes Council

Housing: supposed to move into West Park last night. trying to have community meeting to decide how to self-manage in the space. People don’t want rules/agreements etc. The church is expecting us to come to them with a list of agreements about how we’ll manage ourselves. Jeff and Teddy are out because the community has asked for different facilitators. It’s very difficult to get people involved. Fearful of stepping up? Lazy? not sure why. No one will be staying at SPSA tonight and it’s cold. There were about 105 people there last night.

CQ: people at SPSA/Housing cant make an agreement with the church? A: No, the community can’t make an agreement with itself to bring to the church.

At SPSA there was a full staff, they did clean up, ‘security,’ etc. West Park has two employees–the Reverend and the Church Manager and she’s out of town. It’s on us to manage what’s going on with us. It seems simple, but some people think we’re just going to move in and it’ll be ok. There are 4 or 5 vocal people and other people are just not getting involved. Of 110, after a week of promoting the meeting only 37 people showed up. We fought for four hours. How can you get community agreement if the community won’t sit down together.

CQ: Can you put a call out to Facilitation? Do you want that? A: Please step up. Please help. If you don’t get involved, you get nothing. We need help getting people involved.


any proposals coming up soon? Recently developed procedure to exclude people. [read previous minutes for background] We did that without group consensus. We’d like buy-in from groups. Banning people for a week from Spokes is what we can do right away (see outline/handout).

-Discussion of budgetary proposals going through GA or Spokes.

-concern: There’s a lot of fucked up behavior, but not sure excluding people is the way to go.

-the longer we wait the more pushback there will be. people need limits, establish them at the beginning.

-Tech will bring operational budget proposal on Friday.

-Spokes is empowered to make decisions about operational concerns. if all we do is talk about talking nothing will happen. the only way Spokes will move forward is if we deal with real things. if we don’t kick people out first it won’t work.

Spokes or GA? Facilitation’s understanding is that if it is OWS-related it goes to Spokes. Is it outside of ourselves? something like Outreach would go to the GA. big things go to the GA. On 12/20/11 GA, Info, ComHub proposal re what a WG is. There is a 30-day grace period, you have until 1/20/12 to meet the criteria of being a WG, after that time you will no longer receive Occupy resources (SIS, Comfort, Accounting etc.)

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