Bring the GA Indoors

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The following shall apply to all GA meetings, effective immediately, through May 15, 2012. All meetings will be  scheduled at, and held in, indoor public spaces.

The Atrium at 60 Wall Street can be a default location for these meetings, but other indoor public spaces may be used as necessary. In the unfortunate event that indoor public space is unavailable on any given night, Liberty Square shall be the backup location.

Exceptions for outdoor meetings during this period may be made when the weather forecast 48 hours in advance of the meeting predicts temperatures in excess of 50┬░F and an absence of precipitation for the expected duration of the meeting. However, at all such outdoor meetings, any person in attendance may hold up a point of process and request a count of those present in the meeting who would prefer that the meeting be moved indoors. If the number in favor of moving is 10% or more of those assembled, the meeting shall be moved. Should the number in favor of moving be less than 10%, the meeting shall continue in place, but additional checks on the same question may be repeated every 30 minutes.

16 Responses to “Bring the GA Indoors”

  1. Dallas

    Hey, is there a space that doesn’t close at 9:30-10 PM. Either GAs need to be shorter (which I actually don’t support) or they have to start earlier if we’re serious about this.

    Let me toss an FA at you: 180 Maiden (3 blocks from 60 Wall) is a gorgeous POPS with lots of seating and even natural sunlight if you’re there at the right time of day (in the AM). It closes at 5:30….. but I know that

    A) I do not speak for myself in saying people are just plain tired of every meeting being at 60 Wall.

    B) quite a few people with long commutes, kids at home, jobs they have to get to early in the morning , etc. do not attend GA because they don’t expect it to be over until 10 PM or later. Maybe one GA a week (Saturday) can be in the early afternoon at 180 Maiden, at least on a trial basis?

    • Marsha

      I tried to do this at the meeting on thursday as a friendly amendment to the reduction of meetings proposal and it was SHUT DOWN very rudely

    • Siobhan Ogilvie

      Isn’t 180 Maiden a govt building? I used to have to take NYS CACFP training (which is essentially “free lunch” at schools) there when I used to direct a preschool/kindergarten. This was pre 9/11 so things may have changed since then but unsure. Maybe a gov’t building not a terrible idea, but it may change expectations on how we will be ‘welcomed’. Just some info to pass on.

    • Patrick Conway

      @direkconek Now I know how facilitation felt that night about my friendly amendment, when they didn’t want to talk about location when they were originally focused on schedule. How about we make that a separate proposal? I agree that we’re losing the family crowd with the existing schedule, but the more changes we try to make at once, the less likely any will get made at all.

      Also, the proposal doesn’t require the atrium to be the default location, it just says that it can be. 180 Maiden sounds like a cool change of pace if we go with earlier hours, but there’s still something nice and symbolic about having an address on Wall Street…

    • Bob

      Sorry posted above in wrong place.

      Some ideas for indoor GA meetings to function within what is now a time limit.
      1. Post the agenda online. People can then think about responses. Hand out agenda to attendees
      2. Take stacks online. Additional stacks taken at meeting
      3. A strict timeline for agenda items
      4. A strict time line for discussion.
      5. A strict time limit for comments, responses etc.

      These meetings must be over by 10 p.m. or earlier at least at the Atrium and probably other indoor places have a closing time. The timekeeper has to be more involved and behave like the time police. All participants need to ABSOLUTELY respect the time line.

  2. Patrick Conway

    @madamedefarge Marsha, I was there that night, on the other side of the circle from you. Your words rang very true with me, and I offered another amendment along the same lines after you stepped out to take a break.

    Unfortunately, we cannot always ask the body to weigh in on amendments; our present system leaves their acceptance up to the proposers only, and facilitation didn’t want to complicate their proposal, I guess.

    Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you were partially the inspiration for this proposal, and I hope to see you there on Tuesday. Glad to gave your support!

  3. Michael Korn

    Hi all,

    Congratulations on getting this GA moved indoors! Dallas has a good point about trying out 180 Maiden Lane for a Saturday afternoon meeting. But can we do the logistics? For instance, I just did a quick google search of 180 Maiden Lane. It’s seems to be a private domain for 1% ers. For example: AIG Managed Care, TFS Equity Derivatives Corp., but the largest tenant seems to be Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, LLP So the question is, can we just merrily saunter in and just hold a meeting without any grief from management? Also there is the issue of feeding people! I’m pretty amused that the Atrium at 60 Wall is allowing us to feed people with no hassle! Would this be OK at 180 Maiden Lane? The only way to find out, s’pose, is to just DO IT. Or does anybody know how to stroke a Stroock!

    • Dallas

      And furthermore, 180 Maiden has a driveway and is directly next to the FDR. We could always set up the chow line along the FDR or in the driveway if they really want to push the issue.