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Break Out Discussion: Feedback on Vision and Goals Document

V&G Consensed 12/21/11: We return to our daily schedule of GA and Spokes Council appearances, soliciting feedback. Beginning on or after January 1st, at every GA, we ask them if they wish us to cease taking feedback on the document they have in hand and enter a one-week announcement period prior to a consensus request. We also invite them to propose an alternate endgame scenario if they want one.

We are still seeking more feedback on the document, but with an eye on the end of the visioning process, and we’d like to renew our request for  presentation time at the GA for at least the next week to do breakout groups or just take questions and written feedback on the vision statement.

The proposed schedule is as follows:

1/17: 10-15 minute breakout discussion
1/19: 10-15 minute breakout discussion
1/21: 10-15 minute breakout discussion
1/22: 10-15 minute breakout discussion
1/24: 10-15 minute breakout discussion

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