NYC General Assembly 1/19/2012 (Minutes)

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Date/Time: 1/19/2012, 7pm

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F): Alejandro and Christina

Stack Taker: Bonna

Working Group Report Backs: Class War Campaign, Accounting

Emergency proposal from Direct Action to endorse a longshoreman action on the west coast. Result: Consensus.

Emergency proposal to hold discussions regarding the spending freeze. Result: Conversation held.

Announcements: Facilitation, Occupy the Courts, Trish, Freedom from LA, DA, Egyptian Revolution, Minutes, Nan workshop, Sean, Occupy Burlington Vermont

Working Group Report Backs

Visions and goals Yoni last Tuesday we brought a doc …bringing it for full cones on Tuesday if you want to see it …complete document that you gave feedback and will consensus see you on the 24th

Anthony Class War our minutes will be up for tomorrow our meetings are going to be at charlottes place at 5 or 60 wall on Wednesdays we have new point people its Zach and Comrade Bear

Accounting open meeting 60 wall at 6pm Fridays


F: Direct Action (DA) would like to bring forth a proposal they consider an emergency.

F: Asks the GA to determine if the proposal has unforeseeable external deadline for the proposal.

DA (Stephan): Word from Oakland situation with the longshoreman …there is a grain ship coming not full info action that the west coast is doing they want our endorsement on a press statement …emergency, we don’t know when the ship is coming …sooner approved the better stronger collation building.

F: Temp check on hearing this is emergency (Positive)

Several other west coast Occupies have already endorsed this

F: something new: take two minutes to talk to your neighbors about what you just heard. In three minutes we will open up for questions.

PoI: Someone from occupy Oakland puts this in context

Clarifying Questions (CQ)

No CQs


Concern about the word endorsement, I would like to make a FA in calling it solidarity not an endorsement

Accepted: its more that we are standing with them , sounds like solidarity, global and beyond labor

F: Temp check looks all good

One stand aside: as long as it doens’t involve money they don’t care.

F: Result -consensus

PoI: Sending a ship, we don’t know when the ship is coming. If you are in a position to get to Longview Occupy and labor caravans sometime between now and two months from now, they don’t want a blockade accompanied by coast guard strong confrontation. If anyone can come pay attention on occupy Oakland website.

F: Steven and Rami with an emergency proposal reaction to the GA cutting all funding and cutting off housing proposing a discussion …to make occupiers self sustainable

F: Ten minutes of time to discuss in small breakout groups?

F: Temp check mostly good

CQ: How many people are we talking about?

About 100 uptown 30 in park slope people have been doing occupy for month

F: Break out in to groups of 5 or 6 and Steven an Remvi can go around and harvest your thoughts

2     min report back on ideas and suggestions on this discussion one person per groups

  1. See if the Radical Social work group would be interested in picking this up kick this to the Radical social workers and see if they could for a definitive amount of time tag team with individuals who need support and we also thought perhaps we could have a temporary defacto working group that would help push people towards the radical social workers and radicals we know in nonprofits and social services so we have a quick transition period form OWS to radical social workers and other services.
  2. One idea we had was to have a larger breakout session outside of GA similar to Open Spaces a lot of people coming together talking about ideas an event like that and use it for a special purpose
  3. Alternative housing: Newhaven has 100 spots Newark has 500 spots a god idea to send people there also look into getting more money in and cutting cost cutting in the  GA and SC

PoI: The people proposing of this group are going to post another proposal to have a large discussion at Tuesdays GA invite you to come back it will be on the website on Tuesday more informed and larger now that we have started the conversations

CQ: why does this need to be a proposal?

Working groups are harder for people to have access to the GA is where the whole community goes and talks something that effects the whole community self sustaining and taking care of themselves

F: Request for emergency proposal from Nan

I do not know hoe many were watching livestream  incident that took place last night basically we cold have prevented as GA we are the people we set the rules …proposal to end spokes council …talk about how to strengthen GA for everybody not be forced to join a working group…

F: One minute to clarify

F: 10 minutes of our time on how to strengthen GA in light of what happened last night?

F: temp check: mixed, we are going ot have announcements and then stick around after we concluded


Sean: a little more information about what nan said ½ the groups at spokes are on board to remove na from sc show up to spokes council tomorrow

Nan tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 at char there will be a training for the nycga,net for those interested in knowing how to add yourself and how to use it workshop you can come and learn how to do and add your name and create working groups tomorrow is the last day to register . in response to Sean …

Minutes: we have some great fliers in need please get at us phone number also help keep this movement open and transparent

The Egyptian revolution is about to happen noon-4 mostly at UN 49th and 1st noon-4 this coming Saturday large solidarity march Egyptian community here inspired a lot of what we have ben trying to do noon un

DA working group and others and myself is organizing a workshop as our Monday meeting intersectionality helps us building intersectional: intersections between systems of oppression and how these effect and how we fight them awesome scholar 2-4 location to be announced someone posted at 60 wall to guide people learn! We grow when we learn

Freedom I’m visiting form LA this is my first OWS experience its been an amazing day give you my contact sea to shining sea … ustreaming of events it’s been an incredible day here. …the whole world is watching encourage you to stay in integrity …

Trish: with several working groups I cant tell you how proud I am to be associated with OWS and the 99 I have a parable to share people within this movement who stand on moral group who no matter how ugly things get would never kick you to the curb …knowing that even if a dog …seek some type of remedy for his pain there are people in this movement that think it is against all things OWS to withhold OWS from any human being least a dog

I am from occupy Burlington Vermont I was down here on January 1 and I just came back I have heard form dc I don’t know too many details go and find out more about march 30th there is going to be an Occupy dc that will last for a month everybody show up and have it be a big Occupy in dc find out if its true …contact DC!

Occupy the Courts is happening tomorrow meeting at liberty sq 5pm going to Foley sq ending corporate personhood illegal

Facilitation: Tuesday Thursdays and Sundays 4pm at 60 Wall Street.

F: That is it for tonight’s GA. Thank you for coming

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