855-NYCGA-411 Is Back!

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855-NYCGA-411 (855-692-4241) is a free voice service that provides access to real-time nycga.net events, schedule and announcements. Call toll free from anywhere, including pay phones! Add your mobile phone number to your account profile and call in for personalized services.

Voice Commands

  • Text to speech listings of events – “EVENTS”
    • Todays events – “TODAY”Tomorrows events – “TOMORROW”
    • Group events (speak group name) – “GROUP”
    • Events on a specific date – “DATE”
    • My group events personalized listing for today and tomorrow (if you have your caller id phone # stored in your nycga.net profile) – “MY GROUPS”
  • Text to speech listings of Group names – “GROUP LIST”
    • Complete A-Z List – “ALL GROUPS”
    • Say the first letter of the group name search – “GROUP LIST”
  • Public Voice Announcements – “ANNOUNCEMENTS”
    • Record a new voice announcement message – “NEW”
    • Playback of recorded voice announcement messages – “LISTEN”
    • Posts new voice announcements as MP3 file with embedded player to voice.nycga.net / our wordpress site. – “NEW”
  • Other Features Implemented
    • Text to speech of Recent real-time twitter messages from various accounts – “TWITTER” *NEW*
    • Help page for site-wide voice commands – “HELP”
    • Allows for a personalized user experience based on caller-id
      • Integration with users nycga.net account by entering calling-from phone # into the phone field
      • Enables MY GROUPS command which lists the events for today and tomorrow that the user is a member of
      • Identifies registered/integrated users vs anonymous
      • Identifies first-time callers and plays welcome greeting for them
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