1/9/2012: Stop Stop & Frisk Budget for Button Printing

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Working Group: Stop Stop & Frisk

Name of Point Person: Desiree D.

Members: Christina,Terrence, Tim, Tyrone, Desiree, Matt, Greg, Jesse, and Jose

Budget Proposal: Three-week Proposal; 1/13-2/3

400 SS&F buttons/day @ $.26/button = $728.00


We protest the police to the police. All day everyday, we’re up in their faces. 700,000 of us were S&F’d last year and all of us want to wear the buttons.

9 Responses to “1/9/2012: Stop Stop & Frisk Budget for Button Printing”

  1. Haywood

    why do you need buttons? Are you giving them away? Are you accepting donations for them? Where are you giving them out?

  2. Voter March

    Stop Stop and Frisk is an important Direct Action, especially since it involves racial profiling and disproportionately effects People of Color. Confronting NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practices been one of the top campaigns of the New York Civil Liberties Union. http://www.nyclu.org/issues/racial-justice/stop-and-frisk-practices .

    @haywood has a valid point – If you charge a nominal fee for something like a button, you not only get money back, but people are more likely to place value in it and wear the buttons.

  3. JZ

    I like the idea & would also ask for a donation to upkeep the next cycle.

  4. Patricia L

    I totally support this. But, am wondering who’s making the buttons? Can you provide some info on that?

  5. Lopi

    I think that an initial fund from the GA could be repayed by asking for donations for the buttons. There is also a kit where you can make your own buttons, it’s fun! The OWS Print Co Op could print stuff and your crew could sit around, shoot the shit and make buttons. Save money! DIY!

  6. Matt Lepacek

    Check out ButtonsInc.com – 16c/ea @ 10k buttons
    He wants a copy of the artwork we’d be printing to estimate better pricing and turn around time.