1/8/2012: Boots of Solidarity

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For the Occupation, by the Occupation. We at Boots of Solidarity believe when your local police force and local government are cooperating on a national level, why shouldn’t we follow their lead?

This movement means everything to us and so we’ve put together this project to help change the world the best way we can offer. We’ve come to the realization that we may all be one movement, but social media and primary news sources only do so much to connect our scattered parts and usually the true story is lost in one form of bias or another. We at Boots of Solidarity truly believe the people’s revolution will be in podcast. Live representation of all aspects of the Occupy Movement is truly necessary amidst all the bias corporate media coverage and the almost totalitarian behaviors many local police forces have no qualms exerting.

To travel the nation from Occupation to Occupation, to network, document, and inform, Boots of Solidarity would like to formally request a small measure of funding from Occupy Wall Street. As a way to maintain sustainability, we would request of Occupy Wall Street funding for gas in the amount of $100 per week. We are open to request to be in specific locations, at specific times, but additional funding may be required to get us there. We are currently funding our project from our own personal savings and any future donations viewers may choose to bestow upon us, but support from Occupy Wall Street is integral to ensure reliable transportation from Occupation to Occupation.

Contact Person: Skylar W.

3 Responses to “1/8/2012: Boots of Solidarity”

  1. Voter March

    $100 a week is a reasonable sum for gas for travel. However, OWS should not have any “open ended” budget proposals, unless OWS has the financial funds to indefinitely funds these projects. All budget proposals should be for a maximum amount of time. For example, if the budget request is for 4 weeks, then after 4 weeks, the budget proposal can be resubmitted for another 4 weeks. This allows the group to report back what they have accomplished and the budget request can be made in light of OWS’s current financial standing.

  2. Monica McLaughlin

    WGs are allowed $100 per day. I believe this would be true no matter what the original proposal asked for.