1/8/2012: Bail and Camp Funding for Occupy Tampa

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Occupy Tampa has been a strong and active occupation since the beginning of the movement. They now have a permanent occupation at Voice Of Freedom Park which is privately owned by a supporter of the movement and can not be kicked off the property.
Occupy Tampa has participated in Strong Direct Actions condemning consumerism and advocating for patronage of local businesses. The Black Friday mic checks at Wal martsĀ  and local malls drew much attention.
They targeted a huge Florida PAC Accounting firm for their D12 action highlighting the influence of corporate money in the political process.
They crashed a Romney fundraiser to condemn corporare personhood.
They protested the NDAA at Obama Campaign Headquarters.
Members of Occupy Tampa have traveled to Washington and NYC to participate in N17, D17, K Street and NY Eve in Zucotti.
The toll of the many arrests in the attempt to take a public space and in the seizure of books, supplies and food has been costly on a personal and financial level.
Occupy Tampa invites any and all occupiers to spend a day –a week–or a month in their new park and catch some winter sun as they plan to Occupy the Republican National Convention coming to Tampa later this year.
Occupy Tampa needs bail funds to recover from the D1 arrests (29 arrests ) which cost 2000 dollars. I propose we help Tampa with this recovery by offering 1500 for bail and supplies now that a permanent occupation has been established–and make 500 dollars available to any OWS occupiers who wish to camp at OT for the Winter.
Proposed by Bill L.

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