1/28/2012: Occupy the Roads

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After my visit to Zuccotti Park on Oct.2nd & then to WA DC on 5th, I came back to Seattle area and purchased an RV so I could spread the message and keep the movement alive through the winter months. I have been “occupying the roads” since Nov. 8th. I started at the Canadian Border (Vancouver, BC), went to San Diego across to Atlanta and just now rolled into New York after visiting a total of 42 cities.

I know, first hand, how important it has been to connect everyone and make them feel a part of the larger picture when some are so far removed from OWS. All the connections made during the journey have been positive and motivating. People who want to help and have the resources, are willing to support any way they can as we move into the second phase. Universities and colleges are also very supportive and will be working with us to help make change (ie: the education system, community sustainability, etc).
We have documented the journey as well taken numerous video and pictures, which can be seen here:

FaceBook www.facebook.com/occupytheroads and on our
Website www.occupytheroads.org
Twitter @occupytheroads

OTR is set up as a Non-Profit 501C3 in WA State.
Our mission has been, and continues to be, educating and informing the public about Occupy and help strategize solutions to problems. We personalize a “What is Occupy” for each Occupy Town/City so they can spread the word. The “V” is like a moving billboard with 31 ft of signs and posters adorning each side and the front + back. We attract a lot of attention going down the highways. We also attract the police at most stops, who have been consistent in their prying, asking for ID and moving us along even when we’re parked legally. We’re used to it by now. WE ARE being noticed.

With restrictions being placed on existing and future camps it will be more important to have creative means to keep the movement alive. We hope to have a caravan of vehicles joining in as we go and some have already contacted us for a spring movement.
The funds that I have spent so far:
RV payment $476.00 per month x 3 mo= 1428 + $2600 Down total $ 4028.00
Insurance payments RV & Phones $ 129.43
Fuel $ 3677.83
Food $ 1304.57
Phone & Internet $ 318.47
Supplies $ 1574.03
Printing & Postage $ 97.78
Office Expenses $ 461.10
Licensing $ 80.00

Total Spent $11,607.88

Cheap advertising and exposure along highways.

The RV (Occumobile) is headed for Florida (missed in order to take part in the WA DC “Occupy Congress”) and then back across the U.S. up the Midwest back to Seattle. I am welcoming others join in.

I am proposing that OWS recognize + support “occupy the roads” any way they can to keep the momentum alive and build on what I’ve already done. Either to reimburse for gas so that I can use that money to fuel the next trip, or allow us to create a separate working group. OTR is part of every city including OWS. Though my initial experience with OWS was short it is what motivated the creation of Occupy the Roads.

I’m aware that another group just left NY by busy and is heading for 16 cities, so it appears this is something the GA thinks is a worthy cause. I would like to focus on the older folks who may be willing to join the caravan moving forward.

Thank you for your consideration,
Janet Wilson and the crew from “Occupy the Roads”

9 Responses to “1/28/2012: Occupy the Roads”

  1. Tom Gillis

    friendly amendments –
    1) convert the RV to a Bio-Diesel engine so we’re not supporting the petrochemical industry / increasing global warming.
    2) Get the GA’s endorsement to seek outside funding.

  2. Marsha

    Janet, Please don’t think that the small number of people you dealt with tonight was at all a representation of the movement as a whole. I fully endorse your efforts and in my book, YOU ARE A HERO. Please don’t give up because a bunch of small minded wet behind the ears assholes that showed bad judgement. WE ARE OCCUPIERS, we don’t have to ask permission, we just do it and that is what you did. I am an occupier since Sept and I endorse you with solidarity and all my heart. Keep on a trucking and don’t give up. Marsha aka, the knitting lady.

  3. Yoni Miller

    I was the “asshole” who blocked it, and I’d like to explain why I blocked it.

    I support this initiative and love it, however I have some moral issues with this proposal moving forward. Janet in person requested we “endorse” this initiative she’s doing, Amelia from WOW asked that Janet amend it to “in solidarity” and Brett did a POI, saying OWS does not “endorse”.

    Regardless of the word change, I still see this as a hierarchical request for improved status of “ows”.

    There are over 1,000 occupations in the country, and not a single one of them has asked for our endorsement or approval or recognition, the beauty of occupy has been that as a horizontal collectivist movement, you’re an occupier as soon as you identify as one, and Janet is one. To ask for endorsement/solidarity from us, is to undermine all the other occupiers who have been doing good work for the occupy movement.

    Janet asked in a snarky tone, “when did you first occupy?” as if that even matters. I’ve been occupying since September 20th, but that’s not the point. You are not anymore of an occupier if you camped in Liberty park, where part of the original organizers in August or what not. We do not have different statuses in this occupation, and that’s precisely what this proposal sought to do.

    If it wasn’t about status, then it shouldn’t have been such a big deal, that this proposal did not pass modified consensus. If my block was a facetious block, then 6 others, would not have raised their hands against this proposal either. I’m sorry you feel I blocked this because I am a male, but I hope my reasons here make it more clear, why I blocked.

  4. sumumba

    i voted FOR this proposal..but now im MIXED…on the one hand…Janet didnt respond well to the blockers at all…even when MANY of her supporters showed some much love…a moral victory is STILL a victory in OWS land trust me.. :) but on the other hand…OWS with its MYRIAD of issues, MOB TYPE rule that exists in the GA WHEN it comes to GSD is slowly making itself IRRELEVANT in OCCUPY circles the LACK of our participation in OCCUPY CONGRESS was glaring as well as the relative lack of folks at j20-21..im beginning to tell folks about the 13 other GA’s in the boroughs now and am glad to be working with them…because the way things r going THEY together will REDEFINE what happens in this city…and this will remain the case as long as OWS remains bogged down in its petty.egocentric struggles and lack of movement building minded individuals…jmp