1/28/2012: Fundraising Hub, aka “FUNHUB” Working Group Formation

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Fundraising Hub, aka “FUNHUB”
-To empower people to be full time activists by making the skills,
resources and locations of honest work available to the OWS community.
-SKILLS: connect artisans to people will to learn their craft
-RESOURCES: assist in sourcing materials for goods and services offered
-LOCATIONS: find locations and organize events endorsed by OWS
“If you have a general fund-raising idea, let us help you develop it!
If you have a mature idea, let us help you work out details!”

1st meeting minutes summary:
-weekly meetings will be Mondays @ noon
-upcoming projects: take part in occupy Washington Square Park, craft
fair endorsed by GA on Feb. 11th
-tasks assigned: 1) Shazz artisan outreach & submit proposal, all
working group liason, Yuri investigate 33rd & 2nd donated farmer’s
market location

attendees: Brian, Yuri, Jack, Mary, Shazz, Daniel, Gerard, Dylan

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