1/24/2012: General Restructuring of Assembly Followup

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A followup to the General Restructuring of Assembly Proposal

A 20-minute breakout discussion,
Followed by a 20-minute consensus process based around the ideas gathered from the breakout.

2 Responses to “1/24/2012: General Restructuring of Assembly Followup”

  1. Yoni Miller

    this getting to become a waste of time, and I personally am not too fond of this, since not everyone who has best ideas, will be able to attend. Shawn, please attend structures meeting at 5:30 on friday, for this topic…your proposal is incomplete.

  2. Patrick Conway

    If this comes forward tonight, I’m going to suggest, with gentle respect, that you substitute Facilitation’s vastly simpler proposal on the same subject that has already been adopted by Spokes Council (they now meet just twice a week – on Mondays & Wednesdays) and endorsed by the Structure working group. Even better, you should just bring the Facilitation proposal forward, instead of asking for a breakout discussion on a more complicated proposal that the GA really didn’t like last time around.

    In essence, the better proposal (in the consensed opinion of the Structure WG) is a single (paraphrased) sentence, and a really simple one at that:
    “We propose a simple reduction in weekly General Assembly meetings from 4 to 2, eliminating the Thursday and Sunday meetings.”

    What we decide to do with the spare time should happen organically rather than being mandated in this proposal. Future proposals can be brought forward by those individuals or groups who have thought through how best to use that idle time, while still being careful not to exhaust us with meeting overload. And if we want to put the reduced GA meetings back when things get busier in the spring and foot traffic improves along with the weather, we can definitely always do so.