1/23/2012: Monthly Budget Proposal

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The amount of issues and time spent on budgetary issues is primarily caused by lack of forward thinking in terms of budget. This is a proposal for the next month, along with what we expect to get in return for these expenditures. Any future discussions will be framed within the context of these expenditures:

1. Set aside the 100k bail…. sorry… that would have been possible with more dough.. right now that is too much, for months in the future. We should be able to fundraise for more between now and then.

100000 for live work space, storage and a kitchen (75,000 for downpayment/rent 25,000 for improvements and services No further payments for at least 2 months Live space for 50-100, and place for GA’s and storage)
15,000 for Audit services (maybe accomplished by fiscal sponsorship switch)(legal necessity)
20,000 to start worker co-ops(100% employment starts with our own movement)
10,000 Transportation 2 vans and insurance gas

50,000 Budget 1/15-2/15
20,000 Kitchen (space, plus meals for 250 people at least twice a day, seven days per week)
6500 Housing
23,500 For EVERY OTHER SPOKESCOUNCIL Or GA expenditure

10,000 for tech infrastructure
10,000 for energy generation

20,000 in reserves

2. Switch fiscal sponsor to one that will do ALL accounting as part of the package, meaning we get more for the money we pay them. (tides offered to do it, and Avaaz is also interested)

3. Start fundraising effort immediately

Yes numbers will change some, but this is the format we need to be discussing

18 Responses to “1/23/2012: Monthly Budget Proposal”

  1. Ravi Ahmad

    Hey Darrell,

    Spokes has a pretty packed agenda but hopefully we’ll get to the spending freeze discussion today or Wednesday. While I agree that we need to do some budget planning for the movement, this proposal is really preliminary and kind of extreme. It needs a lot more discussion- at GA, in working groups, etc.- before consensus could even be attempted on something like this. My $.02 :)


  2. Siobhan Ogilvie

    I feel good with the bail reserve but putting that feeling aside, where does this come from?

    “We should be able to fundraise for more between now and then”

    It will be spring in 60 days and you think we can raise $80K by then? Especially with the loss of membership, support and publicity? I don’t see it. I think it can be acheived by summer if we stop pushing people away like union members and people who are politically active (and that does not mean I think we should be supporting candidates – unless they fully support us), but where we are now, there are just not enough people believing OWS is what it used to be. imho we just can not afford the budget you are proposing. This is spending we could do when we were growing, but until that happens again, money has to go to OWS specific (fighting corporate corruption) needs, not personal agendas. I am not accusing you of a personal agenda. This budget is just accounting for them as a whole within the movement. Personal agendas are what is killing the movement.

    • Darrell Prince

      80k per month is less than the 5 month average.. and it only takes two or three big donors… in an election year, especially if we target the right folks yep yep.

  3. Yoni Miller

    Eh, I’ve heard some people propose “raising millions” of bucks, but overal I think the question of a budget, depends on what we view the role of OWS as.

    Some people think we should be a social service, providing housing, comfort, laundry and all these other services, others want
    actions and all infrastructures to actions like equipment and transportation,
    education, money to rent space to educate and teach and expand, etc..
    I personally disagree with many of the items here, and I think it is not viable.

    I think we should be focusing less on money, and more grassroot level activities. Occupying specific targets, having private parties and lectures to discuss and teach about occupy, as well as work on a future we’d want to see.

    Occupy needs to go far beyond just a few hundred occupiers, in NYC we have over 9 million people…just saying.

    • Darrell Prince

      wrong-o, yoni. THe point of a budget is to keep people from talking about money all the time… most of the decisions are made in one shot, so less thinking is necessary going forward. I don’t think most people are saying this organization should be a social service.. but there are a lot of people working nearly full time and eroding their own lives to stay with it… responsibly spending money, having a kitchen/office living space and transport means OWS can have talented full time people for little money.. other wise you can only have homeless, trust funders. How is a budget propsal stopping out reach?

  4. sumumba

    hmmmmm interesting…two vans tho? REALLY? lol…Some folks like me who are out doing outreach or at GA’s across city..ummm that would NOT work…neither would it for canvassers…we already took a shot with the budget freeze…lets stay real with our transportation options….ijs

    but if we had SMARTER more strategic and relevant DIRECT ACTIONS AND CAMPAIGNS raising money wont be hard at all…

  5. Darrell Prince

    a cargo van for food deliveries, for direct actions, for moving stuff to and from SIS etc? pay for itself in a couple of months. Passenger van to support, and visit other local occupies, Newark, etc…. Again I don’t see how a budget stops outreach canvassing.. if you got hurt by the budget freeze wouldn’t you submit additional items for budget? What did you need?

  6. sumumba

    we need flyers for one…we have a print budget that i believe is just about DONE..CANVASSERS need metrocards..which im NOT sure is covered or not by freeze..if neither metrocards nor our printing/flyer budget is frozen…DISREGARD what i wrote above

    • Sean McKeown

      Accounting / Facilitation checked the minutes yesterday and determined the Outreach fliers budget was NOT frozen, according to the freeze and all of its friendly amendments.

      Metrocards are still available as well if your WG passed a repeating budget for them, and if not, there are 120 or so available from Housing WG on a weekly basis.