1/24/2012:OWS support for Occupy Tour

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A team of people assembled by Ted Hall are building a satellite project under the Occupy banner.  We are organizing an Occupy Tour of music, art, and workshops throughout local assemblies here in NYC and hopefully beyond.  The Occupy Tour has the following mission/message:

Cultivate unity of humanity – eliminating prejudice, celebrating diversity and embracing each other as one family
Empower people to build future civilization – sharing information about how to build the free internet, communication, and food systems that we can all benefit from
Inspire people to start their own assemblies – using the tour as a fundraising vehicle to build local Assemblies we hope to help boost local efforts and inspire people to generate fulfillment instead of consume
We are looking for the GA’s thumbs up on the project.  We will work diligently, openly, with the aim of empowering anyone in the movement to do the same by open sourcing our process and progress.  The team is going to be self selecting, through trust, and commitment.  We aim to see many similar tours, independently organized, to spread various messages, as an ecosystem of Occupy beliefs.  It would be an honor to be so empowered by this body.  We promise to elevate consciousness, set a new standard for the movement’s efficacy, and revitalize the spirit which has inspired countess people around the world, and do justice to those who have sacrificed for this movement in Nigeria.  Unity, empowerment, and inspiration

Edward T. Hall III (Ted)
C0-Founder and C3()

4 Responses to “1/24/2012:OWS support for Occupy Tour”

  1. Raugh Mentyde

    I bring you this suggestion, if there be any police officer who is in solidarity with us, give him a place in the tour, that he may visit police stations in all districts the tour visits, and awaken his sisters and brothers in uniform to their role in this movement, and remind them of their oath. Remind them that they gain their power and authority from WE THE PEOPLE, and urge them to recall their place in our society, lest they be further corrupted and consumed by the empire to be reeducated and molded into uniformist imperial robots. we honor those who protect and serve us, we do NOT honor those who obey ILLEGAL orders to harm our people! Let us include law enforcement, lest the empire feed them lies that we oppose them, and continue to mobilise them against us. We are all the 99%

  2. Ravi Ahmad

    Have you spoken to Outreach about the work they do with Assemblies across town? I believe Sumumba is involved with that.