1/15/2012: Occupy House Parties

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A mid October Winnipeg poll showed that sixty seven percent of New Yorkers supported Occupy Wall Street. There have been other polls, taken at different times with different numbers, but with the same results: New York City supports Occupy Wall Street. These numbers, though encouraging, are somewhat invisible.

I have many friends who vocally support the ideas behind Occupy Wall Steet. It is great to hear their support, but it would be even more heartening to see them at Zuccotti or in a march. Many people, however, have told me that they would feel outside their comfort zone in a march or at Zuccotti. While it is not essential to go to a march or Zuccotti to support the 99 percent, I do feel that there are a lot of learning opportunities to be had at Zuccotti and that people are missing out on that.

A great many people, though not enough, support OWS in their own quiet way in the privacy of their own homes. They support the 99% by going to the farmer’s market, by buying recycled clothes at Thrift stores, by rejecting consumerism, by riding their bikes, etc.

In some ways, I feel like this kind of quiet activism should be the ultimate goal of OWS. Such quotidian habits as supporting the organic farmer rather than Monsanto, by relying on our own to legs to get us to work instead of by relying on fossil fuels, people are cutting off the supply of money to the 1% while also reducing one’s carbon footprint. It often happens that the less you give to the 1%, the smaller your footprint.

I am proposing, therefore, that OWS organizes a series of house parties, to happen all over the globe, initially on one specific designated date (it would be cool it if turns into a monthly ritual). The goal of the house parties would be manifold: they would display the strength of OWS’s numbers, they would raise money and raise awareness in a setting that people feel comfortable in.

It is an unfortunate fact of human nature that we more eagerly listen to our peers than to people we don’t normally bump into in our sphere of existence. The house parties, however, would provide a way for people to get educated within their own comfort zone. The more educated/interested in the movement, the more the comfort zone will expand.

A house party would offer teachable moments in the food that is served, how it is served, and the discussion that follows in a non-didactic setting. For example, hosts might serve food they bought at the farmer’s Market, or only drinks that have no high fructose corn syrup. They might encourage guests to bring their own drink receptacle to discourage the use of disposable dinnerware. Hosts in non-pedestrian cities would encourage their guests to carpool. Indeed, the organization of each party would be customized to each community involved. Guests can also learn about OWS events at house parties.

Each host would also keep track of the number of guests they have and the amount of money raised. At the end of the day, it would be very powerful to state how much money was raised and how many people all over the world attended.

Aside from setting aside a date for house parties, it would also be important to establish a working group or think tank to discuss ideas on how the house parties can truly provide opportunities for learning.

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  1. JZ

    I would also like to see “house” parties hosted by various small businesses as a show of support. I would also like to see more small business owner use their store fronts to display OWS flyers, etc.

    I’ve seen some websites that have small 99% pics of some kind … seeing more websites with online ‘badges’ would be nice superficial show of support.

    Networking with small business owners could really help where even if they donated $10/month as some kind of OWS small biz support campaign. An idea worth experimenting with, no?

  2. Shawn Carrié

    Love it – but what do you need from the General Assembly in order to make this happen?

  3. Monica McLaughlin

    A mid October Winnipeg poll showed . . .

    Mid October was a long, long time ago. What do polls say today?

    • Dallas

      @drew, agreed that we need to learn to know each other better as humans to work together better as activists. The in-your-face flyer/sign/chant/march/clipboard schtick turns some otherwise activist-friendly people off as well. Everyone else needs to see us as humans sometimes as well.

      As far as changing the world… well, this idea alone probably wouldn’t. But then, if someone had asked me decades ago if Tupperware parties and other MLM type events would work, I’d have laughed myself senseless… and I certainly hope what we’re virally marketing is more useful than most MLM merch. 😀

  4. Voter March

    A good idea, but rather than reinventing the wheel, I would suggest incorporating these ideas with the various meet-up groups already formed by Occupy Together.

    Also, there are a lot of good activist films that can be shown at any of these gatherings.

    • JZ

      Yes, in the near future I’ve been wanting to gain access to various spaces & show movies (and do more actions with projection/micro-projection) … I have a growing list of documentaries here – http://re-configure.org/drupal/node/5699

      If any1 has additions to this list plz let me know!

  5. Hermes C Liberty (Abu)

    Wonderful idea! Nothing to loose in testing its practicality and effectiveness!

  6. Amy M

    I also think this could be in collaboration in some way with the speakers bureau project of outreach WG. Although, there does not necessarily need to be an OWS speaker at the house party, it could be nice to try and send people out. I went to a speakers bureau training in Dec and it helped. I did on today. I spoke to a “class” of senior citizens – about 20 people – and discussed everything. It was probably one of the top 10 OWS experiences I have had, and that is saying a lot.