1/14/2012: Formation of OCCUPY CO-OPS & CONDOS Working Group

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January 5, 2011.


A 100% volunteer’s Russian-American Community Coalition proud to propose ‘Occupy Wall Street’ administration for registration and following administration — 2 new groups for their activities under OWS ‘umbrella’.

  • Group name:    ‘OCCUPY DEPENDENCY

If Someone Close has a problem with alcohol or other drugs this group organized specially for you. The group for drug or alcohol abuser family members and friends who want to help their own friends and acquaintances to get them off from drug/alcohol dependency and return them back to normal and productive lifestyle.



The mission of ‘Occupy Dependency’ group is: considerably increase of efficiency existing drug/alcohol abuse prevention, treatment and rehabilitation administration system in order to protect children and teenagers from nationwide drug/alcohol abuse and dependency epidemic and to help millions addict Americans (who are already depend of this problem) successfully get out of this dramatic, costly for taxpayers and very dangerous for all Americans problem.

According official survey there are over 24 million drug and 22 million alcohol addicts registered in the USA.



  • Group name:   ‘OCCUPY CO-OPS & CONDOS’

In many ways, a co-op or condo building is a lot like a tiny democratic nation. A building elects its leaders, and those leaders have certain responsibilities to the people who elected them.

Whenever a co-op shareholders and condo owners often gets very frustrated by inaction or the process of wading through the bureaucratic red tape of board politics or/and law enforcement organizations, where according the laws they have to turn for a solution.



Mission of this group is: to help hundreds of thousands co-op’s shareholders that have in New York very similar problem: lack of  their rights protection against building owner’s (landlord’s) and board’s fraud and abuse — defend their legal and human rights

Total number of Co-op shareholders in New York about 1 ml. people that have very similar problem and – no doubt about – will greatly appreciate “Occupy co-op’s & condo’s’ support.




Serge K.

Executive Director,

EMAIL: info@raccny,com

6 Responses to “1/14/2012: Formation of OCCUPY CO-OPS & CONDOS Working Group”

  1. Monica McLaughlin

    Occupy Dependency Group? I thought we wanted to change the Government.

    While I certainly sympathize with the addicted, I don’t think that OWS donors are thinking along these lines when they donate. If the donors had intended to donate to a dependency groups, there are plenty for them to donate to.

  2. Monica McLaughlin

    Help co-ops and condo residents learn to govern themselves better? Is there some sort of chronic condo owner abuse going on that I have not heard about? How would this WG be related to OWS ideals or goals?

    (Btw, co-op and condo owners don’t have landlords — they own the property.)