1/14: Anarchist Education Working Group

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Proposer: Richard Degan

Create an Anarchist Education Group. Asking for $2,000.

I want to create this group to educate people about anarchist education and anarchist societies that raised their own money, had their own land, their own teachers and parents kids were invested. I want to be able to bring my friend Tarick, a black panther, to do presentations to OWS. Only me and Terick would be paid people in the group to do this. I will then get people to help fundraise. I want to show the Feed hampton video at St. Mark’s Theater. I also want to help Ralph Peynter and Lynne Stewert build support for her appeal at 500 Pearl St on Feb 29, 2012. But I want to support Lynne Stewert and all political prisoners through anarchism. I do not believe in solving societies problems through voting, the jury system. Prevention through an anarchist society is the only way. Anarchist Political education.

8 Responses to “1/14: Anarchist Education Working Group”

  1. Ravi Ahmad

    While I really support the idea of anarchist education, I don’t believe it is appropriate for the movement to pay people to do work in OWS.

  2. Chris O'Donnell

    The idea that you’re proposal is about paying yourself, as you stated, is completely offensive to me. Unless you give me a cut, then we’re cool.
    No, but really. This can’t pass.

  3. Daniel

    Asking a revolutionary movement for a salary? Clarifying Question: Are you sure you’re qualified to be teaching others about anarchism?

  4. jensen

    hella downtwinkles (2000 dollars could kick start a full roof top garden)

  5. Tom Gillis

    Friendly Amendment: create this project as an affinity group and raise funds independently. (Isn’t this what the Occupy Money Group is doing?)

    Also, include itemized expenses / costs in the proposal. If getting paid is just a food / transportation that’s a different matter from paying for rent + bills.

    This sounds well-intentioned but a salary, even a bare-minimum living stipend wouldn’t be fair to the thousands of others (some of whom have no income or housing) who are working in OWS.