1/13/2012: Housing request for MetroCard budget

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The Housing group would like to continue the process of weekly
MetroCard requests that has been ongoing for the past six weeks. To
facilitate the participation of the various individuals and workgroups
that are making a tangible contribution to the daily operations of OWS
we would like to request funds to purchase 7 day unlimited ride
metrocards from the NYC MTA.

We would like 230 total metrocards for distribution for the next two weeks:
– 115 new cards per week @ $29 each for a total $3335 per week.
Total Funds needed: $6670.00
* The last time this proposal was passed at GA, before Spokes was
empowered, it was amended to be two weeks of funding and we’d like to
continue this.

The proposed process for distribution will remain the same: each
person who requests a metrocard will need to have a completed
authorization for signed by a point person from a working group. Cards
will be available on a first come,first serve basis, will be
distributed from 6pm-9pm at the location of GA or Spokes on Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday by a committee of representatives from the
Housing workgroup. People who have received a metrocard in the
previous week are required to verify possession of that card before
receiving a new card.

For documentation on the distribution of metrocards, please refer to

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