1/13/2012: Archives Budget

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OWS Archives Budget Proposal

Revised as of January 11, 2012

Statement: We are the Archives Working Group. We were created to ensure that Occupy Wall Street
preserves and owns its past and so that we can collect the breadth of perspectives and flyers, signs, posters, audiovisual and digital files, photographs, and artifacts. We are also collecting oral histories.
There are many institutions collecting these materials, but we think it is neccessary that we also  archive our own history.
We have collected several hundred cardboard signs and other stuff which are currently in danger of decaying if we do not act now.  In order to have it in the future you need to take care of it.  That’s where we come in!
Right now we have a crisis because we don’t have funds.
We currently using SIS as our storage space. We have more room because of Comfort moving but there are huge access and environmental problems with SIS as a long term storage space. We will eventually have to move our material to a better space but we are not proposing any amounts for that right now because this requires discussion in the General Assembly and the movement.
We meet at 5:00 pm on Sundays at 60 Wall St. Anyone who is interested in participating in this  can do so, in the spirit of this movement you do not have to be a professional archivist to work with us. This is the budget proposal for materials required to begin the long-term work of establishing the Occupy Wall Street Archives.

Itemized Budget





Storage Space $372/month
x 6 months=
Private storage space at Manhattan Mini Storage
• 100 ft² – Temperature Controlled – 24hr Access –
Scanner $170.99 To be used for processing archival materials and producing hi-res images of important print documents
3TB Hard Drive (x4) $189.99 x4=
For backup digital archive of photos, videos, livestream, OWS documents, news articles, audio of GA/Spokes Council
Acer Netbook 500GB HD, 4GB RAM $379.99 For processing archival intake & database management
Archival Storage Boxes $360.00 Acid-free, secure, storage for preservation of OWS ephemera
TOTAL $4,209.74

13 Responses to “1/13/2012: Archives Budget”

  1. David Buccola

    OWS is not a museum. While it’s important to maintain our own history, this seems like a real waste of our very finite, and quickly dwindling, financial resources. Why would we store those signs when we should be having giant actions with people holding them?

  2. Voter March

    The Archives Working Group serves an important function. Apparently, there are several museums that are already archiving Occupy Wall Street items, See Occupy Wall Street becomes highly collectible, AP, @ http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hbfVQt-AOp1S6Tg-AmxIpFFP1OyA?docId=825b5fbe5da14101a08564af24ac8b2e and, Museums Archiving Occupy Wall Street: Historical Preservation Or “Taxpayer-Funded Hoarding”?, Gothamist http://gothamist.com/2011/12/26/occupy_wall_street_the_museum_exhib.php
    Maybe one of these museums will fund your costs.

    If you use some ingenuity, you can accomplish your goals without spending over $4,000. Perhaps, there is somebody ion the group who already has a computer with extra hard drive space and a scanner. Perhaps, you can find a friend with an attic for storage, if SIS does not suit your needs.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @votermarch, why would we want to archive our signs? Is the OWS movement dead? Or over? Those signs need to be brought back out into use. OW is not a museum.

      • Dallas

        in 100 years one hopes that any sign from the Brooklyn Bridge march or N17 would have the same cultural and/or financial value as an “I am a man” sign, or a sign from the 1980 Battery Park No Nukes rally (some of you may remember Helen Caldicott, James Taylor, et al. filling Battery Park…).

        It’s history! Seriously… it’s worth a couple of grand. The $$$$$ will be gone (and likely replaced many times over); in 100 years, but if you use it right, the signs will still be here.

    • Christine

      Hello Voter March and Monica .. while your suggestions are valid.. we are taking the actual physical space need off of the budget. However ..we are dealing with large amounts of digital data.. we are talking terabytes of data from media and other working groups. while we can store things temporarily on personal hard drives it would require large amounts of space that is why we are asking for some minor sums to purchase hard drives. We will also be housing hard drives with a lawyer so that some more sensitive data will be safe from police raid.

  3. Eric Arthur

    This sound like what we are fighting!! I’m sure the occupier that is sleeping on the subway will appreciate that their sign is in a climate controlled room..OWS does not need a museum or offices….It need industrial space in Manhattan where the people can build and store the items used in demonstrations. I have the machinery and tools to provide is there is an available space. If you want an office, bring your desk from home. It’s time to elevate our street image so it looks inviting a becomes the hip thing for New Yorker’s to do. = Many feet on the ground,

  4. Christine

    Hello All,

    As a member of the Archives WG..i just wanted to let everyone know that we have taken the space part out of our budget proposal and will only be asking for materials such as hard drives, a laptop, a scanner and the archival boxes necessary to store the objects we have..

    While OWS does not need a museum, we believe that documenting our story is vital to the the future of our movement. Generations to come will be interested in what actually happened in Liberty Sq.,they will be interested in the numerous Direct Actions we have organized and continue to organize.. Our WG is working towards archiving Oral Testimony, Digital files and physical objects. We believe that this is vital, recording the trace of the movement.

    Today as we celebrate the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we are sharing video files, sound bites and photographs of the civil rights movement. One day we hope to be able to provide the same sort of information about OWS so that every September 17th for generations to come, historians, researchers and the larger public can share the accomplishments of OWS and its active participants.

    Thanks and please up twinkle tonight

  5. Christine

    well we are on the agenda.. funds are frozen but we were on the agenda 2 times last week and were tabled because of not enough time.. if we can not propose.. we will go through the proper channels to move forward.. thank you for pointing that out bopper.

  6. nan terrie

    The General Assembly had spoken on 1/14/2012 no more free money, GA funds have been frozen.