1/13: Budget for Spokes Location

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This proposal has two parts:

1. Funding for back-payments for previous Spokes Councils 2. A budget to pay for Spokes Councils going forward.

PART 1 West Park charges us $150 per night & we’ve had 6 Spokes Councils. Brecht Forum is charging us $100 for last Monday. We therefore propose $1,000 to pay for these 7 Spokes Councils.

PART 2 For the foreseeable future, we expect to continue using West Park for all three Spokes Councils per week, though we will have to find alternative spaces occasionally, when the church has conflicting events scheduled. We therefore propose a $450 weekly budget, to reimburse venues for Spokes Council. If, on any week, we do not need this whole budget for Spokes locations– say if we use the Brecht Forum one night or if we cut Spokes down to 2/week– then we’ll return the excess money to the GA.

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