1/12/2012: Joint declaration with Moscow on nuclear disarmament and arms reduction

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The Moscow General Assembly has already consensed upon a declaration, which can be viewed here:


Here’s the first proposal:

Proposal for action on Nuclear Disarmament and the Reallocation of Military Expenditures for Social Causes, in order to end the global crisis and enter into a new world scenario

From the Madrid assembly of the WET international commission to the Moscow and New York assemblies, and from there to all assemblies in all countries

In a joint communiqué we can prepare a world declaration to start a working group composed of members of the Moscow and New York assemblies on the need, in these moments of grave crisis, to demand that the U.S. and Russian governments initiate a dynamic of disarmament. Stressing that it is not the people who are in conflict, but their governments and the military-industrial apparatus.

The communiqué should be brief and forceful and include the following points

* worldwide nuclear disarmament
* progressive and proportional reduction of production and trade in conventional arms
* reallocation of this military expenditure for social benefit

in order to construct a new path toward a safer world, committed to understanding and dialogue between peoples in these moments of grave crisis

In this way a new process of true world détente would begin in an attempt to establish the basis of a new model of relationships between countries that would progressively eliminate the threat of aggression as a political weapon in order to move toward relationships based on cooperation, exchange, and conflict resolution through negotiation and the reinforcement of international institutions. Working to develop a different economic and social model beginning with the conversion of the military industry into industries of civic utility and by the reallocation of military expenditure toward social investment for the improvement of the quality of life of citizens and a solution for the worldwide crisis. It would be this process that would truly open future perspectives for all humanity.

Once this brief document is elaborated, at a second stage assemblies from other nuclear arms-producing countries (France, U.K., India, China, Pakistan, etc.) will be invited to join the declaration and it would also finally be brought before the assemblies of all the countries that exist in the world to seek their support for the proposal.

At a third stage, support from other persons and organizations for the document endorsed by the assemblies could be sought in a great world campaign including mobilizations and joint actions.

Preparation of the document:

1) Start a Pad in English and Russian in which the proposal for the final communiqué can be composed by a working group made up of friends from the Moscow and NY assemblies. The opening text of this document can be used as a starting point. Madrid can offer logistical support and the issues of translations into other languages, WEB support, and contacts with the other assemblies to get them involved. We think the document should be written with the media in mind so that it will have media impact.

2) Have the document-communiqué prepared.

3) Prepare web support with translations into the greatest possible number of languages. (At least two weeks.)

4) Once translated, start a campaign to get it out to all assemblies in all countries so that it can be debated and they can sign on to the initial document. The process of positioning of the assemblies could take two weeks. It would be interesting to make the document public and available to the media.

5) The possibility of inviting associations and individuals in a second stage to support the action on a website could be studied.

6) Carry out a simultaneous symbolic action on the world level.

7) A date to do so should be set without much delay.

8) The Sol WET could offer logistical support for the campaign and the creation of an international team to support the effort for the two or three months the action would last.

Tentative Scheduling proposal

The first launching will take place in the week of January 15-21, a few days before the opening of the Disarmament Conference until March 24-25, a week before the end of the first part of the conference. Allow two weeks.

On the basis of our experience during this period, develop the third month and the close of the campaign in April-May.

Note: The first stage of the Disarmament Conference takes place from January 23-March 30 in Geneva. The second stage is from May 14-June 30 in Geneva.

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