1/12/2012: Formation of Mobile Occupation (MORPH) Working Group and budget

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for OWS

Mobile Occupation Resource Presentation Hub

A Working Group in formation

Approaching Budget Approval / G-A Endorsement



MORPH is a working group intrinsically interconnected among pre-existing working groups. MORPH represents the Occupation Movement by assisting and carrying out functions of OWS working groups on the street and at prime vending locations such as (but not limited to) sidewalks, flea markets, carnivals, fairs, concerts, church bazaars, sporting events, parades etc, or any combination thereof. MORPH aims to include numerous working groups that have a product or service to offer at the grass-roots level among the public. This includes (but is not limited to) The People’s Kitchen, Info/Com Hub, The People’s Library, Media, Alternative Currency / Alt. Economy, Outreach, Direct Action, Mobile Occupation, Screen Printers Guild, Knitting Group, Teas, etc. As such, we aim to reach out to the public by freely distributing food and beverage, along with OWS-related currencies, literature, digital media, t-shirts, buttons, stickers, printed/knitted products, etc. all while broadcasting this experience in real time, engaging in conversations with the people around what we are doing with the occupation movement.

Another key feature to our operation is that is a consensual-commerce operation. Our policy uses the honor system- Take what you need (and what you like within reason;) give what you can. We want people to understand, by supporting us, we can continue to support everyone, and that entails a responsibility to contribute on a level and in a way each individual is most capable. This might include signing up to volunteer or get more involved, or it may be a gift of some commodity or art, which we can then pass on to others. This policy will enable us to circumvent certain business licenses and serve as a living example of a resource-based gift economy. Contributions do not need to be ‘legal tender’ or debt-money. Resources are just as valuable if not more because they can be less political, however, we can still receive monetary donations for the GA and potentially for specific working groups as the people may want to specify the focus of their contribution; (this may complicate accounting so it may be easier to leave this out, but for now it’s a possibility to consider.)

Moreover beyond OWS working groups, we are working to strengthen solidarity of the Occupation Movement among organizations oriented toward mutual goals. As mentioned regarding live broadcasting, we intend to work in solidarity with groups like Global Revolution. Another example is our intention to work in solidarity/cooperation with groups such as Food Not Bombs, as they relate to our kitchen working group, freely sharing food to promote international peace, abundance, and environmental health and protest the opposite. This cooperation would essentially entail providing information about the organization to the public and how it relates to OWS, and could very well grow beyond that as we get assistance from members of the organization itself.

Additionally, MORPH can work with for-profit corporations to receive resources for public distribution. One prime example would be if Ben & Jerry’s were to donate ice-cream and a truck, while MORPH would work with the resources given, we would be careful to stay centered in the core of our mission, which is to further the work of numerous working groups. As such, we would be disseminating information and other OWS products at the same time. The kitchen facet of MORPH could still serve Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, but it would balance that with more nutritious foods and beverages as well. Another example would be if Camping World was to donate an RV to our cause, we could advertise that the RV was donated and even have some of their brochures available (out of gratitude for their support in our cause), but our emphasis would remain the presentation of resources relating to our various working groups.

What will MORPH look like?

Plan A- Info-Food Truck

We can use a vending truck to travel with a wide range of products. This can be stationed in NYC, and we could also have one to eventually follow the Mobile Occupation tour, working in the surrounding areas of where we stop to occupy. We are considering several local sources for such a vehicle or combination of truck & trailer. One possibility for $7500 http://newjersey.craigslist.org/bfs/2733780948.html Before making any purchase, we intend to have a qualified mechanic check out the vehicle to ensure it’s worth what we are paying for and is in operable condition. The truck will be artistically designed and clearly represent Occupy Wall Street as a Resource Presentation (/distribution) Hub. Part of the sustainability aspect would be ideally using an electric motor or bio-diesel fuel, possibly combined with a hydrogen (via water electrolysis) add on for added efficiency and to present innovative technologies.

Plan B- Trailer-pulling E-Bike

We can use “The Charger”, a well designed electric-assist bicycle selling for $800 new, with several bicycle trailers such as the Croozer selling for ~$160 each, or folding “granny carts,” (upwards of $25 each), lawn carts, hand trucks, and the like. We want economically efficient containers with wheels to hold ample amounts of OWS products.  An electric assist bicycle would allow an individual to pull more weight and travel farther and more comfortably than on a regular bicycle or on foot. Trailers will clearly and artistically display the themes around Occupy Wall Street such as “Mobile Occupation Resource Presentation Hub” or MORPH#OWS

Plan C?– Modify as necessary

Whether one is pushing a display booth, traveling with trailers, or serving out of a vending truck, working groups can come together in solidarity and publicly present what we are all about. We can modify the combinations of working groups and simplify as we see most efficient. This could even be downsized to individuals working micro-hubs, however larger groups and more professional looking displays tend to cultivate

accountability and public rapport. Interested parties contact Jay –  jk4514@yahoo.com,


4 Responses to “1/12/2012: Formation of Mobile Occupation (MORPH) Working Group and budget”

  1. liza

    i think you need to re-write this idea by re-imagining it as a working cooperative.

  2. bopper

    why is kitchen working to give food away to strangers when they have NEVER supplied any food to the church shelters?

  3. Monica McLaughlin

    Freely distributing food and beverage? Why?

    Is this a WG to service existing WGs? Sort of like hiring a gardener or someone to shovel the snow?

    If you intend to associate the OWS name with existing groups like Global Revolution, Food Not Bombs, Ben & Jerry’s, etc., you must first vet these groups to make sure that they do not engage in activities that OWS would not want to associate itself with.