Upcoming Proposals

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To bring a new proposal to one of our decision-making bodies, follow the instructions here.

To browse a list of past proposals and their outcomes, head over to the Past Proposals section.

Note: The people posting proposals to this page are volunteers and do not dictate the content of the proposals.  All viewpoints expressed here belong solely to the individuals and working groups that put each proposal forward.

11 Responses to “Upcoming Proposals”

  1. Anne

    I left at 8:30 when it became clear little to no useful work would be done. It has become clear to me that the GA has devolved into two factions, a 30 percent faction of aggressive, narcissistic people whose goal is to be contrary, to draw attention to themselves, and to generally act out needs for attention and power. This faction has no interest in a movement for economic, political and social change, only in meeting their own needs for attention and power and acting out aggression by undermining others. The other 70 percent gets walked all over by the 30 percent. Since the 70 percent allow themselves to be walked all over, I have concluded that it is a sadomasochistic relationship. Evidently, some participants enjoy being walked all over. I do not, and therefore I am attending no more of these so-called meetings, which are a just a waste of my time and an embarrassment to the idea of activism.

    • Dallas

      With all due respect, GA isn’t for the most part where “useful work” happens… it’s where everyone get a say in what actions and projects and groups have access to our name and resources. I think you may have shown up with expectations that don’t really reflect what happens at GA even when thigs run smoothly. The WG meetings are usually much more orderly and productive.

    • Mark [Formerly Nobody Important] Ferguson

      Who deleted my post Anne, who was that told me that because I did not post my identity here in the forum that my thoughts, words, etc… isn’t worth anything?

      That sounds like what you are complaining about.

  2. Curtis E. Mulkey

    Anne, I predicted this when I learned that the group was not going to elect “Leaders” an Organization without leadership, will eventually lead to chaos, Human Nature.

  3. Anne

    I’m not sure whether it’s exactly a lack of “leaders,” or the fact that a group that advertises and promotes itself as having no leaders attracts people who don’t have the strength of character to be leaders but want power anyway, and see an opportunity in a leaderless group to act out their need for power in underhanded ways, through undermining the efforts of others, in other words, by achieving power through destruction instead of through achieving power through leadership that is constructive. Not all power is destructive, and if you assume that it is, as apparently the theorists who designed the GA structure believed, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, you attract those who seek power through destruction. The seeking of power is human nature, but the seeking of power through destruction rather than through leadership is the dark side of human nature, not human nature in its entirety. If you believe the worst of people you will create what you believe.

    • Mark [Formerly Nobody Important] Ferguson

      Seeking power is not human nature. Racism is not human nature. Seeking power is a learned thing and not something I want. I have power over my life because I have the knowledge to defend myself in any court; I know my civil liberties.

      The trick is controlling yourself so that you can control the situation and/or environment around you; any other control is an illusion because you have no more control over another than they allow you. This means they are in control, not you.

      Was it you that deleted my posts Anne? Is that not what you now complain about?

      Just for your edification, I am co-admin and a mod for another group and have not banned any individual nor have I deleted a single post that I disagreed with or that might have been a bit off topic. I delete all spam and only spam.

      Leadership is teaching others how to lead themselves. A skill and philosophy some have yet to learn.

  4. Anne

    This relates to the controversy about so-called “Demands.” Having demands implies you have a plan to achieve your demands. People who cannot plan, organize, or stick to something and follow it through obviously cannot achieve any demands; therefore, some of these people who have a tiny bit of insight into what’s wrong with them are vehemently against demands, because they do not want to be put in the position of being asked to create the change that would achieve their demands. They can’t do it, they don’t have the wherewithall, they are frightened by that level of responsibility, so they vehemently counter any suggestion of a “demand.” That way they can never fail, because they are never being asked to actually do anything.

  5. Justin Samuels

    Well, nothing is written in stone. The GA can be reformed and OWS can evolve into a structure that has formal leaders. Or those who want greater organization can break away and found new movements that have such leadership. Or join campaigns like moveon, which are definitely structured.

    • Dallas

      Exactly. If enough people come to GAs and bring proposals to change the format and structure of GA, the format and structure of GA will change. If everyone runs away the first time they are disappointed and pissed off, *then* we end up with the disruptive and egotistical types who just want the attention and power running stuff.


  6. jason ahmadi

    HEY!!! My proposal to freeze spending is not here! It was tabled and is coming back Saturday 1/14! Please put the thread back up!

  7. chiara

    I’d like to know if the Proposal of Justin Samuels (to end Spokes and the GA) is still scheduled for the GA of tonight.