Religious Support

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Religious Life Support, Assistance Local and Global comes before the assembly to request the necessary for its operations as a working group of occupation, funds:
Read therefore below, the details:
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We, Religious Life Support, Assistance, Local and Global need money for food and drink because we travel and do pillgramages as a religious occupants in religious life support. Food is the most bonding thing and people of diverse faith have to have it. Our unity as a religious occupants depends a lot on upon eating and drinking together. This is obvious fact, a truism. Everyone in the world knows that. To explain that in more detail will put at risk the health and well being of the group and the religious unity in general. I pray and appeal to your COMMON SENSE and normal human undertstanding which should be developed enopugh if you are running or to run such things as ‘assembly’ regarding the matter. We are all tribal and national people, with tribal and national prides, dignities, and accomplishments. We have3 our own yet we respect and love other. It is a known understanding to eat and drink together and uphold the common rules of decency, courtesy and respect. The whole world knows that. America does not?
Your proposal is tupid and makes no sense, I want it removed.  By eating tiogether we obtain a connection to each other’s faiths and our own. Itws not ‘breaking bread’ its called ‘eating together’. I resent the other term for its specific limited deliniations and connotations. Many of us do not even eat or bake bread. EWhy must we speak in other people’s terms if they don’t relate to us? But we need to eat. opeak in ebe
We also need money for computers to read and stay connected to religious support, i-pods to stay connected and have access and nutrition of religious music and imagery, office space to store diverse religious artifacts in it, prayer space to pray in it, money for religious cloth and jewelerry and ongoing daily needs which arise in religious occupants life. The idea here is to make things as smooth as possible and your putting emphasis on money as opposed to people unity and comfort is monstroys.Its like you have no heart and don’t care to see us get along. You want us to fight among ourselves and not have our religious life meets met and accomodated.

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  1. Justin Stone-Diaz

    Heya Ryan-
    That’s a great idea-
    do you have any Church or Faith based comminuties you can suggest?
    Happy Holidays & Hope to see you at Liberty Square New Year’s eve!