Proposal for Tuesday 12/20 General Assembly: Gabriel – Religious Life Support

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We need $10,000 for Religious Life Support to provide the necessary equipment such as proper housing in churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, with security to ensure no drug or other activity, internet laptops to have members have access to music, events, chats of the religious nature to ensure proper religious facilitation of the needs of the religious occupiers, headphones, office space, religious publications, foods and drinks, books, cloth and apparel items, transportation fees, payment to religious establishments where we will be staying, promotional and outreach materials production costs,and special accommodations of other nature.
Religious Life Support

4 Responses to “Proposal for Tuesday 12/20 General Assembly: Gabriel – Religious Life Support”

  1. Yoni Miller

    You have nothing but twinkles from me, however other members are going to give you a lot of crap, and ask a hell lot of questions, so please be prepared to have a detailed item by item list of your budget needs.

    10,000 dollars is a lot of money, and we can afford it, but many members have a really huge gaffe with that kind of money. So just be aware if you’re ahead of.

  2. Jason

    I think there needs to be multiple teach-ins on propsal-making and an example of a solid proposal posted in this section of It is essential out of respect to everyone in the name of transparency & accountability to clearly outline exactly how money will be spent with a brief explaination justifying the needs (such as laptops for everyone (?) for music for religious reasons?).

    Asking for clarity is not asking for too much. Im directing this to anyone reading this who has made a proposal and who plan on making future proposals.

  3. Sally Marks

    Being an atheist, I am against this expenditure. If people want to pay homage to their ‘higher power’, they are more than welcome to do so however, it does not seem correct that the OWS should fund it. Further more, I do not see how attending a religous retreat (that is what the proposal appears to be asking) furthers the goals of OWS.
    IMHO, the funds accumulated are for support of OWS and not religion. Religion and OWS are mutually exclusive. If funds are set aside for religion, then funds need to be set aside for atheists too. Kind of silly.