Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Zapatista Invitation

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Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Zapatista Invitation for the General Assembly to make and send a video Message for presentation in Chiapas

From San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas

on behalf of CIDECI-Universididad de la Tierra


Greetings from Chiapas Mexico. We have been asked to invite OWS to this activity, and that there is a special hope that whoever comes could bring a video message to the Zapatistas.

Thank you,

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That OWS accept the invitation from Chiapas and make a video message to the Zapatistas to be presented at the upcoming gathering in Chiapas.

Members of Adelante Alliance in Sunset Park Brooklyn are traveling to Mexico this Friday and will be attending the Zapatista gathering in Chiapas.

In coordination with the organizers of the conference, Adelante proposes that OWS make a video message which they will bring and present without editing.

No funding from OWS is requested.

The Zapatistas want to hear from OWS directly and this is a meaningful and historic opportunity to build a bridge and begin a direct dialogue between the movement there and the movement here.

A video message from OWS will begin that dialogue in a space the Zapatistas have created for exactly this kind of purpose and vision.

Thank you.

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  1. odd ah

    I hope this proposal passed and that the video is on its way!
    Next : ‘Encuentro cumbre’ Occupied Americas
    Occufest of dignified rage-
    Its a lovely vision…