Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Free Literature Table

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To facilitate our mobile tabling efforts, we intend to acquire a cargo bicycle from a local manufacturer located in Queens. The price for the bike would be $1354.41. We would also need a bike lock, a table that would fit into the bike’s cargo box and a lock for the cargo box itself. In total, we are requesting $1500 from the GA

2 Responses to “Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Free Literature Table”

  1. JZ

    I like this and would like to see more creative public interfaces to provide the public with the OWSJ, various info on OWS future events, past successes, etc. I would also thrown in a few t-shirts from the screen printers guild.

  2. Yoni Miller

    Meh, that seems a bit TOO much…for what it can do…, on same token, we could pay 300 people to hand out many more fliers and such.. One cargo bike won’t make much of a difference. A flock of hundreds of bikes, would be fantastic.