Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Direct Action Painter’s Guild

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For the Direct Action Painter’s Guild as a subgroup of Arts and Culture to create banners and signs for the #D17 Day of Action bearing messaging crafted in collaboration with members of the Media, Direct Action, Town Planning and PR working groups. The banners will be hung at key locations, some will be carried on poles by members of OWS.

Posters will be wheatpasted on construction walls around the city as well as glued to sign boards to be carried by members of OWS. Basic messaging will contain some variations on:

Occupy the Commons

What would Jesus Do?

Occupy Wall Street 2.0

We hope to make two 15′ banners for carrying, two 20′ banners for hanging

Also about an edition of 30 hand cut stencil posters of Jesus with a camping tent

and the same amount of hand cut stencils of Lady Liberty with a fist in the air



Canvas: $150 for 20 yds x 71″

Mylar: 42x10yd .004 single matte mylar rolls: $71.87

Spray Adhesive: $9.99

Paper: 140′ roll of brown builder’s paper = $10.97

Wheatpaste: $15

Spray Paint: 20 cans x $3.95 = $79

Grommets/grommet tool: $7.46

pvc pipe: 1″ x 10′ = $3.15 x 6= $18.90

pvc elbows: 4 x .56= $2.24

xacto knives & blades: $4.14 for two packs of blades

$4.55 for knife

metro cards for transportation(for 4 people): $50

food for workers: $50

gas for transporting supplies $40

sub total: $514.12

sales tax: $43.05

total      $557.17


*note: any of the supplies that are left over will be payed forward to the next ows action which needs art.

* suggestions for slogans can be emailed to

*a trip to materials for the arts will be scheduled, if possible, this week

*any surplus funds will be returned to the GA along with all receipts.

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