Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Constitution Working Group

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For General Assembly – Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Constitution Working Group 7 Petition Proposal:
1.Bailouts; 2. Federal Reserve; 3. Money/Monetary Policy; 4. Public Debt; 5.Civic Education; 6. Voter Rights and 7.War Powers/Foreign Policy.

Contact Email:

1. We are asking solidarity from the NYC-GA on all the Petitions or from whichever ones can be agreed at this time.
Each is designed to stop a violation of our Constitution that is devastating the 99%.
Each Petition, if fulfilled, would stop and reverse the pauperization of America and her people and have a major positive impact.
2.  We ask the NYC-GA to work together to pool all appropriate communication and action resources to help inform and encourage millions of Americans (at least 5% of the population) about the Petitions and to sign their approval electronically at the website; that these may then be Served on the President, Congress and the State Legislatures, as appropriate to the Petition; and that we then stand behind them and see them through with millions of others.
3. We are asking the NYC-GA to seek the solidarity and support of the entire Occupy movement in America by contacting each Occupy group to take the proposal before their own GA’s for support.

1. Petitions have been revised based on feedback through the recent review period – revised versions are posted.  The only Petition which has been modified in content is the Civic Education Petition from which all references to “patriotism” have been removed because of the way the term is used differently now by various groups and organizations across America.
2.  The Constitution Working Group was created on October 8 and announced at a GA meeting reportback on October 9.   25 occupiers signed up directly with group organizers at that time.  We did not have a page until November 11 due to hold-ups on the NYCGA side.  Since then, 33 new members have signed up to be part of the CWG.
3.  The CWG presented a Statement of Beliefs to the GA on November 2 to positive response asking all to review and sign their approval at
4. The seven Petitions were officially submitted to NYC-GA on December 4, 2011.
5.  A reiew period to read, consider and discuss the Petitions took place between December 4 and 11th. In addition to posting documents on the occupytheconstitution website, hundreds of copies were handed out in person to OWS members in various locations including two Spokes Council meetings, two GA’s, the Atrium and the Park.  We have had numerous teach-ins and conference call, as well as posting an audio link summary and written summary for review.
5.  After 25 minutes, the proposal was tabled at the Sunday December 11 GA after it became clear there was need for more discussion.
6.  Thus, our return on Tuesday, December 13.

11 Responses to “Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Constitution Working Group”

  1. Sam McKay

    This is great stuff, but what we really need is a plan of action that takes into account the fact that CONGRESS MIGHT NOT LISTEN. The 99% Declaration is just that – a plan that DEMANDS CHANGE and puts TRUE AMERICAN CITIZENS BACK IN CONGRESS. This will help the PEOPLE of the United States of America TAKE BACK CONTROL of our government by way of one of our few remaining CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Please read this and SHOW YOUR SUPPORT by joining, volunteering, and generally backing this movement within the movement.

  2. learning2

    I think addressing our issues, OCCUPY, ought to start with The Constitution. I must confess, I need to read The Constitution again, rather, I need to study it in depth. With a better understanding I would like to see more discussion and refinement, especially regarding education.

    I don’t really care for this part under Education section: ‘…as well as daily salute to the Flag and Pledge of Allegiance…’ I would prefer to omit this but I like the idea of ‘…Each State shall enact a statute “An Act for Enduring Patriotism;”

    I think: The State should have Education as their own local control. I would like to have all humans taught the basics: reading, writing & arithmetic. However, I would not want my kids programed by the current system of education – this is the main cause of how we got to this current situation/crisis. I was lucky…others were not so lucky. I would like to have education be more creative and flexible versus mandatory attendance in one system. This idea needs refinement and clarification.

    BUT, I like the ‘…“An Act for Enduring Patriotism;” this is a mandate to ensure all teachers shall teach all children, from age 8 onward, every provision, principle, restriction and mandate of our Declaration of Independence, State and Federal Constitutions and Bill of Rights, as well as instruction in enduring patriotism, civility, citizenship and personal character…’ I like the idea that this is MANDATORY for all humans.

    I think this is an excellent start. I do like a lot of the Declaration cited by Sam McKay above ( . I think we can combine some of these points into the Constitution Working Group’s result.

    I would like to see something about Corporations and how they profit at the expense of the whole universe. They are not required to operate without sacrificing the environment and/or benefiting society or the earth. I recently watched ‘The Corporation’ which covers this topic in great detail. We need to address these issues as well. Link to watch ‘The Corporation’:

    THIS SHOULD BE FORWARDED TO ALL U.S.OCCUPY GROUPS!!! I think this should be a HIGH PRIORITY for a DIRECT DEMAND. Excellent start. I look forward to working on this!

    • learning2

      I just found this site: which is maintained by Jon Roland of the Constitution Society. I sent an email to see if he could give us some direction/suggestions.

      It would be great to get others involved who are well versed on these issues. Know anyone??? If so, pass it on.

  3. Yoni Miller

    Bob Schulz who made this proposal is a member of the Tea Partier, and because he disagreed with me, called me a devil worshipping anarchist. My crime? I pointed out that the constitution has a long history of imperialism, nationalism and racism and it’s not in the spirit of OWS. On his website, he has proof citing that Obama was not born in this country. He said he will not come back.

  4. Jon Roland

    The above proposals are somewhat diffuse and lacking in specificity and attention to needed details. Remember, it does not work to demand reforms by others if one does not provide the details. Leaving the specifics to others is not so much asking them to do something for us as asking them to do something to us.

    For more on specific reforms see and the blogs, reforms, and auxiliary sites listed in the lower right panel. Learn to understand why those proposals are written the way they are, and you will go a long way toward real solutions.

    • s.t.

      “Leaving the specifics to others is not so much asking them to do something for us as asking them to do something to us.”

      brilliant statment

  5. Dan Chilton

    I find it disturbing that these important issues are couched in terms that presume that a constitutional amendment is the means for fixing the problems.

    Its like the doctor thats too quick to suggest major surgery before considering less drastic means.
    That said The Fed, Monetary policy and Debt are all intertwined, The FED’s issuance of “Debt Money” is the root cause.
    This is EXTREMELY important, and on the top of my list of priorities to be addressed.
    Dennis Kucinich has a bill, the NEED act which, addresses the Fed without needing a constitutional convention, or and amendment. I think its better than Ron Paul’s which also does not require a change to the constitution.
    Definitely worth a look.

  6. Jon Roland

    It will take a lot more than a statute to end fiat currency. Even if it could be adopted, it would never be implemented. The general principle applies: You can’t fix just one thing. That means no part of what needs to be done unless a thousand other things are also done, and many of those things pervade every part of the entire social, cultural, and economic system.

    Many people simplistically imagine there is some silver bullet. There is not. Even replacing every elected federal official would not be sufficient, because most of the usurpations are entrenched in court precedents that would persist even if we replaced every single judge, and that would take more than 30 years. Moreover, almost all the legally trained persons that might replace them are indoctrinated with those same precedents, that it would take a thousand more judges than we have to hear all the cases it would take to overturn all the unconstitutional statutes and precedents, and it would take more than 60 years to process all those cases. It would also take an totally reformed legal education system to train a new generation of lawyers.

    It will take a cultural revolution, not just a legal one. But amendments are an unavoidable part of that.