Bail Fund

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The accounting working group, with your consent, would like to move $100,000 dollars from the NYCGA general fund to establish an account with the sole purpose of posting bail.  This is an effort to ensure that we are able to continue to post bail for those arrested going into the spring.

4 Responses to “Bail Fund”

  1. Voter March

    The concept of a bail fund is good.
    However, we need some back-up as to the reasonableness of the $100,000 amount, and what limitations and checks and balances are needed once this bail fund is in place.

  2. Leia MonDragon

    Is this the only response to this post? I heard that this passed today! Moving it to where? Where is this going? Who is holding it? That’s a lot of money to ask for while people are on vacation. Jail support is fucking fantastic, but where is all the info??

  3. Kimberly Warner-Cohen

    I am so, so not in favor of this. What is stopping someone from jumping bail if we’re supplying the money. I hate to by cynical, but that’s a reality. As well, what about the people who have gone to court and been sentenced (ie, those who took the ACD last month)? Why are we not providing for those fines? With no controls over this plan (or seemingly so), this smacks of irresponsibility, especially given our financial situation.

  4. Voter March

    There were some friendly amendments that were passed, and perhaps some more details that need to be implemented. The Legal Working Group and the National Lawyers Guild have responsible people, and I do not think you have to be overly concerned about abuses.