Proposal for Thursday 12/22 General Assembly: O477//UNW//HRR

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” To dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe, to bear with unbearable sorrow, to run where the brave dare not go…. To fight for the right, without question or pause, to be willng to march into Hell for a Heavenly cause…” – Mitch Leigh & Joe Darion… The Impossible Dream (The Quest)

Across the World People Create. These creations greatly influence their culture. It is pertinent for the growth & healthy development of people’s relationship to other people across the world to be able to relate & respect one another.

  • Our goal is to transcend barriers using the Arts as a Universal language. Creating is essential to the soul. We will provide a free, safe space to create, build, educate & gain knowledge through all facets of self expression.

The Harlem Re Renaissance.

  • Provide the community w/ connectivity (belonging) to the movement of worldwide change (Arab Spring, OWS, OTH, Uprise in Syria, Tunisia, Palestine, Europe, & Asia, etc)
  • Enlighten Harlem residents of their value  (let them know their opinions matter &  that they CAN make a difference)
  • Provide competency, awareness via information on of the global revolution & how it effects YOU.
  • To showcase artistic expression w/in the community (PEACE), manifesting unified acts (Open mics, table discussions, fundraisers, demonstrations, rallies, parties, charity events, art expos, family & community building events, etc)
  • Broadcast a marginalized voice within the struggle that is the movement. Representation for the underrepresented.
  • To mollify tensions w/in the community.
  • To generate revenue for the community, ipso facto self sufficiency
  • To bridge the gaps between different community based organizations to ensure the efficiency & workability of the CBO’s in Harlem through various events, mixers, roundtables, direct actions, etc.
  • To mollify the tensions within the community.
  • Empower the community from within. Encouraging ALL to think globally and act locally; to be the change they want to see in the world.
  • Knowledge is Power. Education is the key to the success of any movement and the community must be competent and aware.
  • Serve as an entirely new platform of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Use Harlem as a paragon then activate other underserved community.

As Urban Nomadic Warriors, Subcommittee of the POC Caucus, OTH, & O477 we are evolving the revolution. Although we are still in solidarity w/ 477, the actual Occupation is over. We move forward in our efforts to create positivity, unity & change.

Grant Proposal Amount: $ 5000.00

4 Responses to “Proposal for Thursday 12/22 General Assembly: O477//UNW//HRR”

  1. Voter March

    @Yoni detailed budget of how/why you need 5,000 dollars

    The goals are admirable, but every request for money must be accompanied by some sort of budget or estimate of the projected costs.

  2. Mara

    @Voter March Hello! @yoni goes to me, not yoni miller, so ive been getting email alerts that i thnk you want to go to him so yall can converse, thank you!