Proposal for Thursday 12/15 General Assembly: Minutes

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Date: 12/14/2011

Working Group: Minutes

Title of Proposal: Minutes is requesting Funds for Sound Recorder Zoom H2.

Description of Proposal: The goal of the Minutes working group is to provide verbatim minutes of both the General Assembly and the Operational Spokes Council to the public via   In order to do this as effectively as possible the Minutes working group would like to request funds from the GA for a Zoom H2 Sound recorder. We will record each General Assembly and Spokes Council. Those recordings will be transcribed and posted on  In addition, the audio files will be linked to their corresponding minutes from each meeting. The audio recorder will cost a total of $129.56. We plan to purchase this recorder from B and H.

This recorder will be practical for Minutes, ensuring that we will be posting true verbatim minutes. It will also provide an avenue for those ready and willing to participate but do not have the ability to be physically present at the GA or the SC. We will be able to send the audio files to skilled typists who are willing to transcribe the meetings but are not able to attend the physical meeting. 


Our short-term goals include capturing verbatim minutes of each General Assembly and Spokes Council.

Our long-term goal is to generate an audio library to accompany the text transcripts of each meeting.  This will provide access to the meetings in addition it will aid in our quest to be completely transparent as a movement.

Have you brought your proposal to other relevant Working Groups, such as Legal and Finance? Yes.

Financial considerations: We spoke to accounting and they believe we can afford this expenditure.

Legal Considerations: We are in the process of speaking with Legal.  As these meetings are already being live streamed we do not foresee a legal issue with capturing an audio recording.

4 Responses to “Proposal for Thursday 12/15 General Assembly: Minutes”

  1. A. Fleming

    Can we not use B&H? I know they are local and all but weren’t they just sued for discriminating against a number of Hispanic employees?

  2. Robert Segal

    Does the money solicited go into the General Fund? If so, what’s the problem. OWS welcomes all announcements calling for donations, regardless of who’s asking.

  3. Robert Segal

    Dammit, this went under the wrong proposal! Please disregard. (No “delete” function here, apparently…)

  4. Sam Redman

    May I suggest that you purchase the Zoom H2N. This is the newer more advanced model. Read about it in It is priced at only 163.09. Plus, you should get the accessories kit… it’s 39.95. Amazon purchases are tax free. The H2N is so significantly advanced that you surely should purchase it instead of the H2. I own two of the H2N models.