Proposal for Thursday 12/15 General Assembly: Housing Group

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The Housing Group would like to propose buying weekly unlimited metrocards for occupiers and those in working groups to be purchased for the following week and distributed on Sunday 12/18/11

4 Responses to “Proposal for Thursday 12/15 General Assembly: Housing Group”

  1. Robert Segal

    I am concerned the mechanism for determining who receives free transportation is without merit and the proposal is therefore faulty.

    • s.t.

      agreed, especially when there’s currently multiple mechanisms for an individual to secure a metrocard (or 2 or 3), e.g. $100/day allowance for WG’s, WG proposals that have metrocard allocations in their budgets.

      the timebank/permabank ideas would help immensely to resolve this issue. maybe metrocards could be considered a “currency” (in the practical, not legal sense of the word)?

      there’s also no dollar amount attached to this proposal.

  2. Yoni Miller

    So we are paying for the 3rd time, a weekly metrocard pass? :/ A monthly metro card would be much more economic, but this proposal NEEDS a $$ amount attached, and stronger mechanism to guarantee fairness.