Proposal for Thursday 12/15 General Assembly: Comfort

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Weekly laundry budget

Park Slope 15 comforters ($100.00)

*discounted price granted $98.00 but price may vary based on weight

SPSA 20 comforters, 25 wool blankets (5 w.b = 1 c) ($200.00)


Monthly budget

— 2 metrocards for point people ($208)

— MetroPCS phone for Mae ($40)

— Re-stock supplies** ($150.00)


TOTAL     $ 1,590



7 Responses to “Proposal for Thursday 12/15 General Assembly: Comfort”

  1. Robert Segal

    Please be prepared to justify need for unlimited monthly transit budgets for two people. Seems excessive at first glance.

    Also: If Mae does not get her own cell phone courtesy of OWS, what then? Why is this a requirement? What is Mae’s role and how does it differ from others in Comfort? Please remember that a free personal cell phone is no more an entitlement to one person in OWS than to any other person. Saying OWS must pay for a phone for one person tends to be the same as saying OWS must offer cell phones to others, too.

    This may not apply in this situation, but a whole world existed without cell phones not long ago. They are a consumer convenience item. Lots of people want one. Not being able to afford one on your own doesn’t entitle you to be given one by OWS.


  2. Yoni Miller

    The phone in itself costs very little, but if you get one, everyone gets one, and I’d certainly argue that Medic needs it much more, and yet they do not ask for phones or anything of the sort. Secondly, a monthly unlimited card is MUCH cheaper than another system, however it should be kept as a “library metrocard”, such that, any “responsible” person can use it. :)

  3. mae

    Just realized there were comments regarding our proposal. So just to clarify, I am the only member of comfort who does not have a phone, yet is a full time occupier and point person. i have been trying to avoid requesting funding from OWS accounting for the very obvious fact that a lot of people have been acting as though there is unlimited funding and I would hate to be someone who expects money for something like a cell phone. And I couldn’t agree more with you, Robert, on the issue of cell phone being something that just a decade ago, not everyone had. i did not request this phone on the basis of just wanting to have a phone. To tell you the truth, I hate cell phones, Unfortunately due to the fact the the majority of our society relies on cell phones as a means to stay connected to others, its one of those situations where you must move ahead with the times. I have been relying on email, but do not always have access to the internet(especially when going back and forth between meetings, churches, SIS, etc) and it is vital that as the only point person in my working group, I have a reliable means of communication. I specifically sought out a feasibly cost effective phone plan that would allow me to be “on call” when a situation arises or a person offering much needed resources needs to contact me. And FYI, technically I am also a street medic … if you think medics are more deserving, there you have it. We also work closely with the medics(who, from my knowledge, all have working phones). The matter of recently stepping up to take on the laundry responsibility was because of a health issue that the medics informed us of, and I would not have been able to take on the responsibility if it were not for the fact that I ran into one of the medics in the Zuccotti vicinity. now imagine if this medic had not run into me, and I had no internet access, and none of the other people in comfort working group were able to get in contact with me?Then we would still have a major scabies issue…..

    In regard to the metrocard, it is definitely more cost effective to purchase a monthly, than a weekly, as Yoni mentioned. And seeing as i have been purchasing one every week out of reimbursed petty cash, i figured it to be the logical thing to do. I would be asking for one every week, anyway, and using it until the last hour, because I happen to have a lot of running around to do. i would not have an issue with using the metrocard as a “general comfort point person” means of transportation, but again, I am the only one who has a schedule that allows for me to be available most of the time. And, if i would not be expected to use my weekly metrocard as a communal group metrocard, why should i be expected to do otherwise with the monthly, which ends up being even less money?

    I hope my comments brought some clarity and answered your questions…


  4. mae

    there was also a time when people relied on the postal service(you know…before telephones were invented) to communicate with one another, but would you think it an effective means to keep communication open regarding the needs of occupiers in 2011?

  5. mae

    ….either way, it was passed via friendly amendment(which was perfectly fine by me) last night. if you were there and gave us twinkle fingers, then thank you. i don’t mean to seem defensive; but i’m so frustrated with what comfort had become with the excessive spending for luxuries and not necessities, that i found it frustrating to see such a simple(and i think fully ethical) request be scrutinized so heavily.