Proposal for Sunday, 12/18, General Assembly: Proposal to move GA indoors on a trial basis

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Proposal from Facilitation Working Group & GA Working Group

In response to the difficulty of holding General Assembly in increasingly poor and cold weather
we propose that the General Assembly be moved to 56 Walker St, on a trial basis, this coming Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

We propose that the General Assembly approve $365 for the cost of using that space for those two nights.

Proposed by the Facilitation Working Group and the GA Working Group (Brian K. )

4 Responses to “Proposal for Sunday, 12/18, General Assembly: Proposal to move GA indoors on a trial basis”

  1. Shoshannah Benmosché

    I’m sure this isn’t the place to share this, but staff at 60 Wall St informed us at closing on Thursday, that the Atrium will be closed to the public all day on Sunday.

    How can we get this info disseminated to the WGs that have scheduled meeting there tomorrow? Even change location just for the day and arrange alternate location and post at the Atrium?

  2. dougb

    I agree. I’ve spent several weeks all told at OWS but do live in Maine. It was 28 today, will be 8 tonight and 23 tomorrow. This weather is coming your way!

    Turn out at GA is dangerously skimpy due to the weather. You could say anyone over 50 or not in perfect health get excluded. Its hard to concentrate when your shivering. True, Liberty Plaza has symbolic value, but maintaining good numbers in a humane setting is much more important. Its worth the rent. We can return to the park in March.


  3. Walter

    I like the idea of moving indoors, but can we pool our resources and try to get a space that’s less expensive or free? How about the Brecht Forum? The New School? Workers United? UFT? PSC?