Proposal for Sunday, 12/18, General Assembly: Movement for Justice in El Barrio

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“A People’s Mic Beyond Borders: Voices from Occupy Wall St. to Chiapas, MX”

To the General Assembly of Occupy Wall St.:
On behalf of the Movement Building Working Group of Occupy Wall St., please accept the following time-sensitive proposal to be placed on the agenda for tomorrow’s General Assembly.
The Zapatistas and the CIDECI-Universidad de La Tierra (University of the Earth) have convened the “Second Seminar of Reflection and Analysis—Planet Earth: Anti-systemic Movements” to take place December 30th through January 2nd in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. Alongside renowned organizers, activists, and intellectuals from around the world, they have invited Occupy Wall St. to take part in this important gathering. 

This multi-day, international forum serves as a point of convergence for deep analysis and reflection on the current conditions and trajectories of anti-systemic movements from around the globe that are fighting against the most egregious ravages of neoliberal globalization and in doing so, constructing blueprints for a new world.
On a practical level, this is an exciting opportunity for Occupy Wall St. to share its varying analyses, concerns, and dreams with—and receive feedback from—an international audience committed to social justice and systemic change, and to build solidarity and support with other international movements.To that end, and in light of the short time span, we propose that the General Assembly of Occupy Wall St. reach consensus on the following:

We propose that the General Assembly of OWS accept the proposal and participate by way of a video-message:
o       Given that Occupy Wall St., much like the Zapatistas, is a leaderless, non-hierarchical movement that seeks to change the world from the bottom-up, the Movement Building Working Group has authored the following message of solidarity to be read—using the people’s mic—and filmed by those present immediately following the G.A.’s decision. We wish to practice progressive stack ensuring that the voices of marginalized groups resonate deeply throughout the message. Movement for Justice in El Barrio will translate, subtitle, and produce the video.

o       The following message, written by Occupy Wall St. organizers from the Movement Building Working group, is what we will read together: “Brothers and sisters, Zapatistas and international activists, your struggle is our struggle. The one percent are a global class – a class that profits from wars, natural disasters and financial crises. Everywhere, the people are shouting: ¡Ya Basta! We are separated by language and political borders but united in our common struggle. Like you, we reject the violence and corrupt politics imposed on us by the one percent. We fight without leaders, blazing our own paths to a new world. Like you, we fight for democracy and social justice. We fight for decolonization, for an end to wars and injustice. Your struggle, for bread, land and liberty, is our fight too. ¡Hasta la victoria, siempre!” 
o       In the event that additional commentary is requested at the Seminar, Adelante Alliance and Movement for Justice in El Barrio can speak SOLELY in the capacity of “unofficial commentators.”
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