Proposal for Sunday 12/11 General Assembly: OWS Holiday Bazaar

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OWS Sustainability is having an OWS Holiday Bazaar next Sunday December 18th, in conjunction with the following groups:
People’s Library
Times Up
Occupy the Hood
Food Justice
Alternative Economies
Workers Collective, etc….
It is an all day skill share & barter bazaar.
We have acquired free space, drinks, tables chair & supplies.
We are requesting $900 for the following:
Guerilla Gardening – clay, compost, seeds – $100
Fermentation & candles – Jars – $200
Kitchen for Dinner – $300
Herbal Tea Supplies – $100
Collateral/Printing/Postering/Paint/Supplies/LED Lights – $200
+ 10 METRO CARDS for presenters & organizers without funds.
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