Proposal for Sunday 12/13 General Assembly: Constitution Working Group 7 Petition Proposal

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 NOTES:   1.   We are Seeking Solidarity on this Proposal from NYC-GA.

2.   All Petitions are posted at

3.   The Proposal to introduce and officially submit the Petitions to NYC-GA took place on December 4, 2011.

4.   A one-week review period to read, consider and discuss the Petitions was agreed to take place December 4th-11th, ensuring all had ample opportunity to learn about, consider and decide on the content of the Petitions.  In addition to posting documents on the occupytheconstitution website, we have handed out hard copies at the GA, the Spokes Council, the Atrium, Zuccotti Park; posted a one hour recording of an InterOccupy summary of the Petitions and the proposal; written a summary of the Petitions in lay terms; and held numerous live report-backs and teach-ins.

5.   We return now, after this one week review period, seeking specific ACTIONS from the NYC-GA.

6.   For this Proposal to be successful, achieving a major turn around for the 99%, we need the full participation and support of OWS.

7.   Image wise, OWS would definitely become associated with the

Constitution in a very positive way. 

  1. 8.      This need not alter or distract from any other initiative by OWS and

its participants. 

SPECICIALLY, The OWS Constitution Working Group is asking the NYC-GA to:

  1. Support each of the seven Petitions for Redress. Each is designed to stop a violation of our Constitution that is devastating the 99%: 1) BAILOUTS OF PRIVATE COMPANIES AND FOREIGN COUNTRIES; 2)THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM; 3) MONEY AND MONETARY POLICY;  4)PUBLIC DEBT; 5) PUBLIC EDUCATION; 6) VOTER RIGHTS – PUBLIC ELECTIONS; and 7) WAR POWERS/FOREIGN POLICY, and;


  1. Put the full weight of OWS behind their fulfillment, and;


3.   Reach out to all Occupy groups with this exact proposal, asking each to

bring the seven First Amendment Petitions for Redress to the attention of

their General Assemblies for consensus and Participation, making it a

national action, and;


4.   Create a new working group to mount a campaign to reach millions of Americans, in and outside the Occupy Movement, about the Petitions and encourage at least 3-5% of the population of America(9-15 million) to sign each of the Petitions at The new working group would be made up representatives of the Constitution Working Group and other appropriate OWS working groups who TOGETHER can achieve the goal – such as, Comhub, Mobile, Internet, Media, Movement Building, etc.), and which will determine strategies and tactics to do so, and;


  1. Assist with the service of each Petition, with its millions of signatures, on the President, each member of Congress and each State Legislature, as the case may be, and;


6.   Assist with non-violent, legal enforcement of the instructions included in each Petition, in the event the Government refuses to timely respond, refuses to respond responsively or responds with repeated injuries, and;


7.  Endorse a Public Information and Education campaign to include a Press conference by OWS on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 to:

a.   Present the seven Petitions for Redress and the program to obtain

their endorsement by up to 15 million Americans, and;

  1. Announce a Constitution Walk in NYC on December 15, 2011 (Bill of Rights Day – the anniversary of the adoption of the Bill of Rights), inviting other Occupy Movements to participate, to show solidarity for the plan and for the Constitution.




2 Responses to “Proposal for Sunday 12/13 General Assembly: Constitution Working Group 7 Petition Proposal”

  1. Kevin Keating

    Reading quickly through the petition posted at Occupty the Constitution, and planning to attend the working group prior to the GA this evening, I read quickly among the “seven First Amendmant Petitions for Redress of Grievances, my recoiling in horror at this in section 5 Public Education, after “an Act of Enduring Patriotism-Education-#3-Instructions Relating to the Flag of the United States and National Holiday-a.) It shall be the duty of the Commissioner or Secretary of Education to prepare, for the use of the public schools of the state, a program providing for a daily Salute to the flag and a Pledge of Allegience, plus special provisions for observance of our Nation’s patriot holidays…State funds for public education shall be withheld if this is not fufilled.” Heil fucking Hitler! What is this neo-fascist garbage, hyper-nationalist shit? I listened at GA as “Bob Shulz and Judith” deflected questions about demanding a return to the gold standard, Beckian nonsense, Tea Party rantings, and sure enough I went and googled “we the People Constitution Lobby, “honor America”.etc and it’s as Tea Party as it gets…Fuck this, period. Children must NEVER be coerced into rote recitaitions of pledges, salutes, period. Co-optation efforts will be blocked and blocked vigorously.

  2. Dan Chilton

    No, LINKS TO petitions at –— are there.
    I would expect that OWS should do work on its own.
    I’m not wild about having the US government acquire trillions in gold so it can issue debt free money…
    There are better solutions.