Proposal for Saturday 12/24 General Assembly: To Prohibit Working Groups from Meeting during GA and Spokes Council

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It is widely known that many working groups have meetings during general assembly and spokes council. There have been times that there are literally hundreds of people have been meeting in 60 wall while there have been les than 50 people at general assembly. The general assembly is the heart for the entire is where working grotius and individuals can make proposals and have their voices heard. without have the jewelers of working groups and ows there the general assembly becomes les representative of the movement and 99%.

This proposal is to prohibit working groups from meeting during the general assembly and during the spokes council; both are meetings that all members of the movement should be attending.


4 Responses to “Proposal for Saturday 12/24 General Assembly: To Prohibit Working Groups from Meeting during GA and Spokes Council”

  1. Yoni Miller

    I absolutely commend this proposal, and would like Proposers to remind everyone, that a general structural reform of the process is needed, because too many GA’s are conducted everyday and it’s difficult to shun all WG activity past 7 PM.

    A viable compromise, is to shun WG meetings for one GA, and for one SC, and this way people can still meet at 7 PM sometimes, but overal increase GA/SC attendance.

  2. Tom Gillis

    A lot of people can’t meet during business hours, and spokes / GA happen every day from 7:30 until 11-ish, so that leaves only a narrow window for working people to come to meetings. Most groups have meetings around 6-8 PM because it’s a time that works for the majority of people involved.

  3. Matt Lepacek

    I also had this thought at the beginning of the occupation. I recognized how some groups scheduled meetings during GA, but also that this is reality and people work. I would support something like making a designated 9-10:30PM part of the GA where proposals are introduced or something. And also friendly amendment that this only applies to events that are scheduled and posted for the public. How would we handle “direct actions” that often interrupt or coincide with general assembly/spokes time? Give special permission by GA I assume?

  4. Tom Gillis

    Also, POI when the Occupation started, there was no Spokes and only one GA per week, so it was much easier for people to attend.