Proposal for Saturday 12/24 General Assembly: Global Protest March – Jonathan

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Jonathan M. Pratt proposes:



 Timeline and Summary

  1. All occupy groups immediately find communal space, by whatever means are agreed upon by the GA, and continue to strengthen community, wherever it may be. This way we can all stay healthy, continue healing and strengthening our community, and focus the movement on a single action- all while living and working together in close proximity. During the winter, instead of many diverse actions and groups that can attract very little attention and also divide effort and energy, the movement might benefit from coalescing again. By focusing our efforts through consensus, our full energy will be put into outreach, building our numbers and our organization, and strategizing towards one single massive global action beginning March 17th, 2012.


  1. Establish an international occupy website hub that acts as a mother host to all occupy websites and Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, etc. This will allow direct international dialogues to occur more fluidly, and increase the ease with which we can communicate. All efforts will be focused on promoting the OCCUPYM17 summit and march.


  1. Continue build our strength, community, voice, and family over the three months, and document and publicize these efforts worldwide as we go.



  1. Work to prepare and organize the timeline, content, media, performances, live visuals, bands/djs, speakers, etc. for the 3-day summit in DC. In addition to developing amazing artistic and media elements for the summit, first hand accounts of oppression, foreclosure, police brutality, and information on corrupt congress and foreign policy can be gathered and presented, all projected large scale.


  1. Finally, and I know that this is more of a gesture, but I think we should publicly invite Obama or any representative to dine and talk with us at the summit or during the march. We provide a beautiful meal of food from all cultures represented at the summit, showing that we are ready to talk as an undivided, global, and truly democratic community, that we are non-violent loving people, not anti-establishment or anti-democratic. We offer them food as they, in their greed, allow the world to starve. Even if they refuse or ignore, which is likely, the gesture will momentous.
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