Proposal for Sunday, 12/18, General Assembly:Jobs for All – Demands Working Group

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Jobs for ALL—A Massive Public Works and Public Service Program

We demand a democratically-controlled public works and public service
program, with direct government employment, to create 25 million new
jobs at good union wages. The new jobs will go to meeting the needs of
the 99%, including education, healthcare, housing, mass transit, and
clean energy. The program will be funded by raising taxes on the rich
and corporations and by ending all U.S. wars. Employment in the program
will be open to all, regardless of immigration status or criminal record.

Proposed by: Demands Working Group

6 Responses to “Proposal for Sunday, 12/18, General Assembly:Jobs for All – Demands Working Group”

  1. Robert Segal

    In general, proposals stating demands on behalf of OWS are having to drop such provisions on that basis, alone. In other words, the GA is aware that OWS has not issued demands and doesn’t want to see OWS issue demands.

    OWS is known publicly, among other things, for its refusal to issue demands.

    Given that climate, how do you intend to proceed?

  2. Anne

    Who are you making this demand to, since OWS has no ability to implement what you’re asking?