Proposal for Saturday, 12/17, General Assembly: Occupy Farms Formation and Budget

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grRevised Occupy Farms proposal for Saturday Dec. 17th GA

$3,000 for gas and food costs for farm outreach over the next month

24 trips of 10-15 occupiers to a growing network of farms

Occupy Farms is a new avenue in which the Occupy movement can literally grow in a more profound and sustainable way.  This working group will give the OWS cause:

1) Sustainabilty
Kitchen passed a $10k weekly budget. The prolonged viability either financially, ecologically or even ethically of this model cannot be guaranteed. As a movement, we need to occupy our food supply.

2) Relaxation
Activists will now have an escape from the city. The farm will be a place for not only manual labor, but a creative retreat where you can work on your own projects.

3) Self-Esteem
The farm creates jobs that raise self esteem and a sense of accomplishment. This promotes community and psychological well being.

4) Homes. Period.

5) Tool for Activism
A claim on the fault lines of fracking activism. This property sits above natural gas. The family came to us because they wanted an alternative to selling out to corporations that destroy our planet.

Itemized budget for multiple trips to the Woodstock farm over the course of a month:

Transportation costs – $1,500

-3 cars each trip x 2 trips/wk = 6 trips x 4 wks = 24 trips scheduled over 1 month

-$50 per trip x 24 trips = $1,200 plus $300 emergency fund

single trip breakdown: 300 mile round trip / 25 mpg x $4 gal = $48. + $2 coffee :)

Food costs – $1,500

-10-15 person presence on farm at all times

-daily recommended food budget of $5/day/person (per accounting)

-10 people x $5/day = $50/day x 30 day = $1,500 max food budget for month

The mission of Occupy Farms is strictly to do farm and rural outreach with the hope of taking the occupy message to the farmland. This will mainly focus on transporting occupiers up to and among the growing network of farms using personal vehicles that are reimbursed gas money and providing for the basic needs of these occupiers while away from the city. The organizational model and fundraising of farms will be left up to the people who choose to work them, and will not be the responsibility or liability of Occupy Farms or the OWS movement.

3 Responses to “Proposal for Saturday, 12/17, General Assembly: Occupy Farms Formation and Budget”

  1. Robert Segal

    Financial Sector Misdeeds (2008, Goldman Sachs, etc)
    Workplace Income Inequality (“the 99%”)

    Farms ain’t cheap and this farm won’t be feeding OWS, at least not anytime in the foreseeable future. Kitchen isn’t just buying raw veggies, remember, but that $10,500 also covers prep and transport costs. Buying all the land above the Marcellus Shale would be a frankly ludicrous scheme to head off fracking, so don’t even go there. Starting a farm so some people can have a hobby seems hard to justify — and that’s putting it VERY politely — though, by all means, please feel free to keep trying.

    For now? Uh-uh. No. This is not what we’re in Lower Manhattan for. If OF is some other movement (and it seems it needs to be), then it’s not OWS and does not have a logical connection to the OWS general fund. We aren’t a kickstarter for such projects and should not be funding this effort any more than should Occupy Harlem, Occupy Brooklyn, Occupy Rochester, or Occupy anything else. OF should be spun off of OWS and given an independent mandate.

    • patrick martin

      i think O.F. is positive and necessary growth for ows and would not take away from but add to the movement

  2. patrick martin

    i have 20 acers out side of nashvill that ows can use im a farmer in NC and farming can be cheap if you do it cheap. not only that but if we had just 2 acers for each occupy you could not only feed ows but provide income for other projects by providing affordable fresh produce to restaurants that suport ows …….ows is everywhere think out side the box’s