Proposal for Saturday, 12/17, General Assembly: Movement Building – Removal of 99% Declaration

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This text was agreed to by the consensus of the Movement Building group on Tuesday 12/13.

This proposal is to remove the 99 declaration group presence on and to announce publicly that the 99% Declaration does not represent Occupy Wall Street.

Using the symbols and language of the Occupy Movement, an autonomous group calling itself the 99% Declaration has, for months, been soliciting funds from unsuspecting people desperate for the change the occupy movement strives to make possible. Recently they have ramped up their media campaign by airing commercials on national television. The 99% declaration has no accountability or transparency and has not reached consensus in any meaningful way on any of its pronouncements. It does, however, currently have a presence on the NYCGA website as a working group. It has also solicited funds presenting its own initiatives as though they were sanctioned by OWS.

The association with OWS lends credibility to the 99% declaration and increases its visibility, which allows the group to reach more potential donors and fool them into giving to a campaign that operates non-democratically. This fractures support for the movement and exploits those wanting to support the kind of change they see manifest in OWS.

We invite the 99% declaration affinity group to provide evidence they are operating in a ways consistent with the practice of direct democracy including but not limited to bringing their proposals before the OWS G.A. Until this time, we ask that NYCGA take down the 99% declaration from the website, lest the Occupy Movement be tainted by the agenda of the 99% Declaration, which is currently hidden.

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