Proposal for Saturday 12/17 General Assembly: D6 Action Proposal

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On December 6th, Occupy Wall Street, working in conjunction with local grassroots, community organizations, supported a family who began to occupy a foreclosed house to turn it into their permanent home. Daily, about 30 people take shifts spending time at the East New York home, located on 702 Vermont Street, to defend it around the clock in case of a police raid and eviction. Unsure of how long this occupation would last, we began with limited resources for sleeping materials, food, and other basic amenities a home needs. Without getting into legal matters and our strategy for the purposes of protecting the sensitivity of this situation, we believe we can be here longer.  In order to remain, we need a materials to help make it more livable, materials that cannot be provided by groups already involved.This one occupation is a flagship and launching pad for future move-ins to liberate homes from organized greed that take away from our communities. OWS’ call to action on December 6th sparked actions in over 40 cities to fight against foreclosures and evictions and grow our movement. December 6th was just the beginning of merging symbolic action with real, immediate gains. We will begin to merge the needs of our communities in the actions we take. It’s critical that we do this action right, as other occupations and people joining in this ongoing #OccupyHomes ‘sub-movement’ continue to look to #OWS for inspiration and guidance. For these reasons, we are proposing to the General Assembly to consider this action as emblematic of one of the next phases of our movement: concrete gains, winning homes, taking power back and making our econ and political institutions pay, big time–and consider the following budget.

Please consider that there are no utilities (heat, electricity, or running water), kitchen or showers.BUDGET
Food: $500 (300 allocated weekly)
Shelves and furniture: 600
Sleeping material: 800
Electricity from neighbor: 300
Sustainability bike generator and lights for house: 600
Maintenance supplies and costs: 1800
Transportation: 400

Previous expenses: 2626.30TOTAL……….$7626.30

Detailed Report:
EXPENSES to-date for D6 Day of Action & 702 Vermont St. Occupied Home

Action materials (purchased by Not An Alternative): $1146.30
Rental- 20′ box truck for action: $240
General supplies (basic furniture, supplies & hardware): $400
Food (spent outside OWS kitchen expenses): $500
Trash hauling (‘house renovation’): $160
Gasoline: $50
Electricity (paid to neighbor): $50
Rental van for supplies/hauling (one day): $80
To-Date costs SUBTOTAL: $2626.30
(Spent by Han Shan: $1480.00 & spent by Not An Alternative: $1146.30)NEW EXPENSES to be used from Dec. 17th through the remainder of the home occupation, pending new costs:
Food (outside OWS Kitchen): $500 ($300 allocated weekly)
Shelves and furniture (Plastic folding tables, folding chairs, and materials to install shelves in addition to shelves for storage purposes): 600
Sleeping material (blankets, pillows, mats, sleeping bags, and insulated sleeping materials for family and home defenders): 800
Electricity from neighbor (subsidize electricity borrowed from neighbor): 300

Sustainability bike generator and lights for house: 600
Maintenance supplies and costs (sanitation): 1800
Transportation (Moving materials, waste, transporting food, and people): 400
New Expenses SUBTOTAL: $5000

GRAND TOTAL: $7626.30
The above proposal is for a one-time budget, with the exception of a $300 weekly food budget.
We are seeking donations for much of the above beyond what this money can provide, ie food for the following weeks, but need funds immediately to meet current needs.  All funds not used will be returned to the Accounting Working Group.
Submitted by:
Bobby Dangerously: Sanitation & D6 Action Team
Eliot Tarver: Direct Action & D6 Action Team
Max Berger: Direct Action & D6 Action Team
Han Shan: PR Working Group & D6 action team
Uruj Sheikh: D6 Action Team
Working Group: D6 Action Team/ December 6th Foreclosed Home Occupation at 702 Vermont St., Brooklyn, NY 11207

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  1. Anne

    Please make it clear how many family members are staying here. Are there more occupiers than family members? If so, is this perhaps not a housing project for occupiers as opposed to a defense against home foreclosure? Is the home being habilitated as a permanent residence for a family? When are the occupiers going to leave? Which other community groups have been involved in this project? How is occupying the home defending it when Zucotti Park ultimately could not be defended? Is this a “demonstration project” in which case, how is it being publicized?