Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Kitchen Funding for Dec. 9th – 16th

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OBJECTIVE: This is a weekly expense proposal designed to meet the dietary needs of the occupation throughout New York as well as various actions and events as they arise. This proposal also requires the continuous participation of volunteers ranging from experienced kitchen staff as well as porters, drivers and servers.

7 day Budget Breakout Estimate:

$600 – Leticia for Sat, Sun lunch served in Z park and Charlotte’s Place $300 – Yonkers – Kelly per week for 20 people $600 – 86 th ST per week for 40 people – Jeff from town planning $250 – Harlem per week for 10-15 people $250 – East NY 702 Vermont ST per week for 10-15 people $1000 – Local Produce from Feed the Movement – Will per week $3000- Groceries & Paper Goods for Liberty Café, & 33 Flatbush Kitchen per week $450 – Parking, Gas, and Metro cards per week $210 – Jordan for coffee and snacks at Z park at night per week $200 – Johnny for lunch served in the park Dec 12 th and Dec 13 th $2,800 – or $400 per day for unforeseen events or actions – (i.e: coffee, pizza, snacks, breakfast, meetings) $50 – 4 th ST co-op for one meal on Friday $500 – per week for the Kitchen rental at 56 Walker St. Total: $10,501 or $1,501 per day


**Proposed Requirements for Budget Request.

A form must be filled out: (How many. When, How much, Shopping)

It must be presented at one meeting

The person presenting it should be apart of the food-working group for two weeks plus.

There must be at least 5 members of the food-working group present in the meeting at time of proposal.

Proposals for more then $500 should be proposed at two different meetings. Required approval in two separate meetings

All proposals passed would require handing receipts. (Failure to do so would lead to not being able to withdraw further funds.)

Please pick one or more tasks and commit to them when you can. Some only require a few hours a week but are extremely important.

· Finding short term (daily) volunteers for Liberty Café. · Outreach to find groups willing to provided weekend meals. · Outreach to find food donations. · Driving with your personal vehicle · Cooking/Cleaning in Brooklyn at Liberty Café M-F 2-5pm · Serving meals 60 Wall, Spokes, GA, 50 Broadway nightly 6-9pm · Working with Chow Hounds daily 2pm-12midnight to pick up unused food

· “Office” type work ex: PR, printing flyers, volunteer coordination, meeting reminders, task scheduling, keeping in touch with our mailing list.

· Outreach to working groups and occupiers by getting feedback and becoming better coordinate with them. We could make a survey to hand out at the end of December.

· Cook food at home! Daily breakfast, lunch, weekend and food for actions is always needed! Please bring food to Liberty Park, 60 Wall, GA or where occupiers are staying.

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