Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Formation of Houseless Working Group & Caucus

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Houseless Working Group and Caucus Proposal for Approval by GA to Operate


The meeting times will be Monday – Friday :

Houseless caucus–10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.

Houseless working group- 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

Come join us for our inaugural meeting this upcoming

Monday, December 12 from 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

The meetings are held in a back to back format so that the houseless can meet amongst ourselves and establish clear cut goals for the group.  We will decide together how the meetings will be run and what the content will be.  In the interest of solidarity, the conversation will open up in the second hour to anyone who cares for this part of our occupy community and is ready to hear what is important to us from our perspective. This duo of groups will be run differently then anything else that occupy has produced.  It is our intention to share ideas then link people within our groups with like-minded individuals (as to not stifle ideas but instead facilitate them getting done), then get to WORK at putting them into action.  All will be empowered and share the houseless platform.

Unfortunately, no matter what the intentions of the individuals involved, since the raid at Zucotti park the members of our occupy community have been divided.  Individuals who have participated in marches, been arrested during protest, participated in working groups, shown a number at Zucotti park, produced art and music, done in-reach and out-reach on a daily basis (through giving interviews, through welcoming in interested parties, through holding up signs, through showing a face of our community), and so much more have found themselves alienated from a project that they found purpose in.  These same individuals have suffered greatly since the raid.  We have lost our homes.  We have been cut off from the community we have grown to love.  We have been cut down to a single meal a day.  We have lost access to equipment.  We have lost accessibility to other working groups.  No matter the justification that we are offered the result is the same, we feel left behind and even worse we feel ignored.  We have contributed and we are ready to contribute again.  There seems to be a breakdown in what is recognized as valuable contributions to the movement.  It is time to mend that rift.  All individual perspectives have value, everybody matters.  To stray from this concept is to destroy the community that so many of us believe is the movement.  Let’s get our movement back together. People are always worth the effort, always.


2 Responses to “Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Formation of Houseless Working Group & Caucus”

  1. Anne

    I notice much of this is written in the past tense….how many houseless people are STILL participating in the movement? I occasionally see houseless persons at working group meetings, but fewer are showing up at demonstrations. Since there is a budget for Metrocards, it can’t be because of lack of transportation. If people aren’t participating, they should not be funded.

    • Brooklyn Steve

      It is essential that we consider “Physically Occupying” as participating. I am a Wellness Support person and I am in the park every other day. “Houseless” OWS folks make up a majority of the Zuccotti physical occupiers. Unless I missed the memo, we are still physically occupying Zuccotti. Unless you are willing to physically occupy 24/7, I suggest we support the Zuccotti Houseless population and do not insist that they all join groups. They are already in a group: the Occupy Zuccotti group. OWS started as a physical occupation and that is the core of the movement. Please support it and resist the trend to treat physical occupiers as non-involved and the trend to divide the movement into haves and have-nots.
      Wellness Support