Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Clear Cocoons from Mark

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I have invented what has come to be called a “Clear Cocoon” (CC) all-weather outdoor sleeping system.  An early prototype was presented after the conclusion of Spokes Wednesday November 23. A later version was announced at General Assembly Saturday Dec 3, but to be shown after GA when everyone had already left. Lauren of housing said on Saturday that she likes the idea of the invention and she said that the problem with outdoor sleeping is the lack of tents. The CC does what a tent does, but it provides substantially more warmth. In addition, the CC costs only a few dollars to make and can be custom made to any length. I will donate the materials for the first 50 and show how to assemble them. Best of all, the CC is clear which makes for greater safety for those in the CC and those outside. And speaking to police officers on Wall St and the NYSE, they said that all tents they use for security must be clear. Please allow me the opportunity to make a proposal even though I am not asking for any money and even though it does not require any major action on the part of the GA. If this is not allowed to be a proposal, I simply will not have the opportunity to convey this invention to the GA and help people with housing by providing something that can safely keep warm and dry in the winter months.



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