Proposal for Monday 12/19 Spokes Council: Political Action Working Group

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Proposal:  The Political Action Working Group of OWS is proposing to occupy the first primary of the presidential election season, the New Hampshire primary, on or about January 6-10.  This would involve a group arriving several days before the actual primary and joining in the activities scheduled by Occupy New Hampshire.  We have a statement and presentation which would be presented at a rally being run by Occupy New Hampshire on Saturday 1/7/12.  We are all ready in contact with Occupy New Hampshire in regards to events and scheduling.  There is also an opportunity for our group to schedule its own event and have it on the Occupy New Hampshire schedule.  We would also participate in public demonstrations and other actions which would bring attention to our cause and further carry our message to the 99%.  Our working theme is, “We nominate the 99%.” This action would take advantage of the massive media presence concentrated in a small area, allowing for a large impact through a minimal allotment of resources, both financial and human.  The group involved would not endorse or attack specific candidates, but concentrate on communicating OWS’ primary message of economic justice.  The fact that our message is in clear contradiction to the Republican platform will be apparent in and of itself.

Political Action and Impact would plan actions and prepare materials to be used and distributed during the ‘occupation.’

Movement Building could help establish connections with occupiers and sympathizers in New Hampshire, as well as other nearby states.

Participants from other groups (Direct Action, Affinity groups, Other) would take part in public protests and actions, as well as contribute ideas of their own.

Expenses would include transportation; initially a van or vehicle that could transport at least 8-10 people (depending on volunteer numbers).  Food and shelter would also be needed, but these expenses would be minimized as possible.

4 Responses to “Proposal for Monday 12/19 Spokes Council: Political Action Working Group”

  1. Robert Segal

    ONH has an event. OWS people want to go there to attend.
    (There will be 49 other primaries coming up, as well.)

    Please explain why OWS ought to budget to send people to visit other states as those states have their primaries.

    ALSO: You generally don’t get money at GA without submitting a line-by-line budget. Please the withdraw the budgetary portion of this proposal until you can provide such a line-by-line budget at this web site for the required 24-hour preview.

  2. Robert Segal

    “You generally don’t get money at GA without submitting a line-by-line budget.”
    (Or at Spokes Council, either, to be clear.)

  3. Ryan Hirsch

    We are working out places for people to stay and how to feed everyone. The New Hampshire Primary is an important one. Iowa and NH usually knock out the majority of other candidates and determine the front runner when their votes are cast. The Media pays special attention to the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary. This will be an excellent opportunity to get the message out to the 99%.

  4. Tom Maguire

    Occupy Keene (small town here in NH) offers its full support in whatever ways possible. We’ll discuss at our next GA what people are willing or able to do to support OWS visitors coming to the granite state.