Proposal for Friday 12/16 Spokes Council: Town Planning

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Submitted to Facilitation via the Town Planning Working Group for placement on the agenda for presentation, discussion, and consideration before the Operations Spokes Council on Friday, December 16th 2011 and for adoption by the Council on Monday, December 19th 2011

PROPOSAL – Procedural Rule to Limit the Appearance of Any Individual in the Role of Spoke to One Time Per Seven Days

BACKGROUND: Spokespersons (“Spokes”) at the Operations Spokes Council are the voices of debate and decision at our Council meetings and wield great influence there. Individual voices, when frequently heard, exert influence on the proceedings disproportionate to that of members who more rarely get to be heard. This is manifestly unfair to those more rarely heard members. Occupy Wall Street desires the greatest possible multiplicity of participating voices. It is to limit disproportionate influence that our rules for the Operations Spokes Council require Spokes must rotate and cannot serve in two consecutive meetings. However, our rules do not yet address an individual serving as Spoke for a different sub-group. This proposed rule limits the possible repeat appearance of an individual serving as Spoke for multiple sub-groups.


“Upon assuming the role, for any length of time, even momentarily, of spokesperson (‘Spoke’) for any group, caucus, or other similar collective or sub-group within the Operations Spokes Council, regardless of the membership status of any sub-group, no person may again serve as a Spoke for any such sub-group before the passage of seven days’ time.

“This restriction shall apply regardless of the choice or number of such sub-groups to which an individual may belong.

“This restriction shall apply regardless of the number of members of any sub-group.

“This rule shall take effect immediately upon passage by the Operations Spokes Council and shall apply to the selection of Spokes for the Operations Spokes Council that next convenes, such that Spokes serving during the meeting at which this proposal passes may not again so serve until the specified period has elapsed.”

SUBMITTED Wednesday 14 December 2011
by Robert Segal
of Town Planning

2 Responses to “Proposal for Friday 12/16 Spokes Council: Town Planning”

  1. Robert Segal

    This proposal was not placed on the agenda for Friday 12/16. Accordingly, look for it on Monday, 12/19.

    I couldn’t be there tonight but Sean rather briefly informs me other business at Spokes precluded this agenda item. I am seeking details about what was said at Spokes Friday night regarding how Monday, et seq. are envisioned.

    If anyone has the copious spare time between now and Monday to fill me in with as much detail as possible on how Spokes looks like it will proceed over the next several meetings, I’d be surely grateful. Please send me a message at my account here, thank you.

    Robert Segal

  2. Tim Andres

    I immediately get a good hit that this will short circuit the “male” like proclivity to build personnel agenda platforms. Even when we males aren’t aware of our agendas we tend to build influence as some sort of hedge or currency. With some drastic consequences.