Proposal for 12/31: Facilitation Ethics

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Strong Women Rules Working Group proposes questions about facilitation ethics.

10 Responses to “Proposal for 12/31: Facilitation Ethics”

  1. Yoni Miller

    I’ll be there to answer some of them, since she probably is angry about my Nan block proposal, <3 Anyways this will be a fun event, but I respect Nan for doing this, since there's no other process to do that right now, and dissent is important (I don't think she has a leg to stand on usually, but it's important to hear her out first)

  2. Sam Redman


    Maybe she’s upset at being banned (and physically barred from entry by NYPD) from participation at last evening’s Spokes Council. The ban included Nan, Sage and Trish.

  3. Sam Redman

    That is quite a link to some rather revealing Google search results.

  4. Yoni Miller

    Awwww, I was interested in this one…will wait for it to come, 😀