1/3: Auditing Accounting

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Strong Women Rules Working Group proposes auditing the Accounting Working Group.

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  1. Sam Redman

    Evidently, she is proposing that an outside accounting firm, perhaps with a history of doing forensic audits, be contracted to do an audit on OWS financial records.

  2. Frances MA

    Since Nan has three proposals on tonight’s GA I would like to make a friendly amendment that we change the name of the meeting tonight from the General Assembly to the Nanapalooza.

    • Sam Redman

      For many media outlets Nan is the face and voice of Occupy Wall Street. Check out this Google search link:


      Plus, a look at the live tweets from both Spokes Council and General Assembly meetings and Nan is either the principle speaker or the person being discussed the most.

      So for those looking from the outside Nan sort of is running the show. Maybe Nanapalooza will become the popular name for the whole movement.

      • Voter March

        You are apparently confused. Nan is a woman of color in the NYC GA. The articles are describing a Nan Terrie, 18, a kitchen and legal-team volunteer from Fort Lauderdale.

        • Madeline Nelson

          No confusion here, it’s the same woman, who used to volunteer in our Liberty Plaza kitchen (until her verbal abuse of other volunteers and threatening people with kitchen knives made her a persona non grata there). She claimed to reporters that she was 18 years old, and to 1 that she was 17. Her home town is variously reported as a couple of different areas in Florida. She used to brag of riding in limos with “reporters” (I’ve never known a reporter who could commandeer limos, so who knows what that was about.)

          • Siobhan Ogilvie

            also read at 18 (or 17 by some reports) she is in her second year of law school, absurd in itself since you go to law school post grad and would mean she began at 15??. Maybe she meant pre law but pretty certain it can’t be fact either. That in addition to her alleged $5500 macbook she claimed theft of story that appeared either pretentious at best or more likely exploitative appeared in every newspaper as fodder to discredit us. Regardless of what is true or not, if we need any auditing it can not be from some with so many concerns to begin with. We have enough trouble with our media situation.

          • Yoni Miller

            According to the internet, she was homeschooled, and so her story regarding pre-law school is possible. I still find it laudable that with her $5,500 dollar macbook (do those exist?) she bashes all white people as privileged. Her hypocrisy is astounding on so many levels. I have no issues with the idea of auditing, but I think this proposer is a poor example, because of her previous issues with handling WG’s money.

            She’s really bold and daring with all these things she does, and yet she knows we tollerate it, because we do, :) She deserves a medal from OWS for being the best satirical occupier in recent history.

  3. sumumba

    yes. yes if ever there was a ONE PERCENT in OWS….the person u all speak of would be it…,

  4. Frances MA

    This is what happened with this proposal this evening. Many people, myself included spoke out about our distrust of Nan. We followed the entire process for hearing her proposal. It was freezing cold. It took at least a half hour and it must have been 15 degrees. We finally finished friendly amendments. Facilitation took a temp check on continuing the discussion. People were confused by this. Facilitation saw down twinkles and decided to table the proposal. Myself and several others approached facilitation and expressed the GA’s confusion. Then facilitation clarified by restating. Temp check on finishing Nan’s proposal? Major up twinkles. Everyone wanted this finished so that the GA would not have to hear it proposed on another night. Then suddenly Nan, realizing that the proposal was going to be blocked, tabled the proposal. It was unbelievable. Many people, myself included, were furious. We had listened. We had respected process. We had waited through the entire GA. specifically to stop Nan from taking any control over the movement. And she smacked us down. Nan has no respect for the GA. She has no respect for any of us. Enough is enough is enough. How do we keep this proposer from wasting anymore of the GA’s time? How can this be process? Can she just be allowed to bring proposals, go through process, and then table them right before consensus check indefinitely? How can we hope to ever get anything accomplished in the GA if this is allowed to happen?

    • Sean McKeown

      This specific proposal being tabled is not problematic; Accounting intends to bring it next week, given that they agree this is a good idea… and simply feel that the individual requesting access to the books without a background check would be contrary to the security of the Movement as a whole, as the reason this background check protocol was put into place was to protect the Movement as a functioning body.

      • Dallas

        Thanks for not losing sight of the fact that we actually do have to do this. Looking forward to your version of the proposal.

        • Frances MA

          I agree, and I expressed as much to Darryl last night. I am all for an outside audit of accounting. But not if it is being proposed by Nan. I want nothing to do with Nan. I don’t trust her motives. I don’t trust her intentions. She has wasted enough of my time these past few months. I am done patiently listening to her and respecting the process when she does nothing to reciprocate that respect, and in fact actively works to destroy it.

      • reginahny

        Not sure how you can call this a “specific proposal” regardless of whether or not it is / was tabled: “Strong Women Rules Working Group proposes auditing the Accounting Working Group.” Really — this is the standard we set for proposals which take up everyone’s time, energy etc.? Specific? Really?

        • Sean McKeown

          It was actually presented in proposal-ish form at General Assembly, and has been adopted by Accounting (specifically Heywood) as a good idea brought forward by someone, well, we frankly do not trust the motives of in so asking.

  5. Yoni Miller

    Even if it got blocked, she can re-propose it again and again. :) Her co-sponser withdrew support from this proposal.

  6. reginahny

    My question about this and several other recent proposals would be: there are basic proposal guidelines in place as well as a vehicle to work with Proposers on crafting them — why aren’t we asking these minimum requirements be met before bringing these one sentence “proposals” to the GA? A one sentence proposal without contact information, etc. feels like an attempt to “game the system” without contributing questions, solutions, proposed changes etc.

    • Sean McKeown

      Because it has been proven, at least in concept, that “I want a bunny” is a valid proposal.

  7. Yoni Miller

    I wonder if you can point of process a proposal, for not being online?

    “Where are the ethics questions or points to be made”?

    Right now there’s no criteria other than “following principles of solidarity”. A poorly written proposal won’t get much support, but that’s a democracy for now. I disagree with Shawn that you can PoP this for not being a proposal. It is one. You CAN PoP it for not being online, and thus not following the 24 hour requirement.

  8. sumumba

    this is COMPLETELY ridiculous …not only is the PROPOSER OF THIS anti-ows…BUT our GA structure and ‘process’ allows her to CONTINUALLY propose ish and WASTE the GA’s time…wtf yo? Facilitation should DISALLOW any proposals from a working group of ‘4’…is that even a ‘quorum”?